ALD is the best coating option for protecting electronics against humidity


Many devices in today’s digital, electronic world don’t much like water and humidity. If you are trying to protect large, flat and smooth things that don’t have high protection requirements, moisture barriers are relatively easy to achieve.

Sometimes, however, the spaces between the surfaces to be protected are so tiny and condensed that there is no way to paint or spray a coating. The surfaces can also be so multifaceted and porous that creating a conformal coating is impossible with most technologies. When tolerances are tight, making sure the protective layer is even and pinhole-free also becomes a challenge. This is where atomic layer deposition can help.

For the best protection one needs to lay a tight protective layer as close to the components as possible. With atomic layer deposition, it is possible to create a conformal and invisible coating on the components right on the circuit board. For state of the art humidity and anti-corrosion protection of electronics, ALD is the technology of choice.

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