• Introduction to Beneq

    The world is getting thinner. Leading companies from around the world are turning to the experts of nanotechnology to improve their products. Beneq has the solution. It is called Atomic Layer Deposition, ALD. It allows us to create extremely thin, pinhole-free and totally conformal thin film coatings. The invisible ALD coatings are everywhere around us. Our Lumineq displays, enabled by ALD, are the most reliable and most transparent displays in the world. The Beneq factory is the home of ALD. It is where atomic layer deposition was applied in industrial production for the first time.

  • Lumineq tour in Agritechnica: Smart CAB Concept

    The CAB Concept Cluster introduced in Agritechnica the Smart CAB, a multifunctional cabin for smart farming equipment. Lumineq Displays has worked with the cluster members to integrate transparent Lumineq displays in the cabin. See the displays live and watch the interview with Alexandra Herrmann from Fritzmeier.

  • Lumineq tour in Agritechnica: Valtra SmartGlass Windshield

    The Lumineq Agritechnica tour: Valtra SmartGlass. Valtra introduced in Agrotechnica 2017 new tractor models with a unique SmartGlass windscreen that includes a transparent display. The robust and bright display technology, laminated inside the front glass provides an excellent solution to improve the user experience even in the most demanding operating conditions.

  • Lumineq tour in Agritechnica: Pilkington introduces Transparent Multi-purpose Display

    The Lumineq Agritechnica tour: Pilkington Transparent Multi-purpose Display. The new smart windshield includes an in-glass laminated matrix display that can show content both to the inside and to the outside of the vehicle cabin. Interview with Juha Artama from Pilkington NSG group.


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