Lumineq displays for transportation


Lumineq® displays are ideal for communicating information easily and reliably. They can be laminated into windshields and windows, as well as integrated into monitoring systems for use on the outside of transportation vehicles, from buses and trains to trucks and work vehicles. 

Transparent displays for improved safety and ergonomics

Our transparent displays are laminated onto a glass surface, or sandwiched between two panes of glass. This means that you can create a display on windshields, side windows, sun roofs, passenger windows - all types of glass can be used as a display to show information.

And this is why our transparent displays are ideal for delivering information safely. A warning sign is easy to see when it’s in your line of sight inside the windshield or window . The displays are invisible when they're not in use, so the displays won’t block your view when they're not needed.

Our displays also don't take up valuable space in already cramped driver cabins and vehicle cockpits.

Lumineq transparent displays can provide over 80% transmission values, easily meeting the 70% transparency requirements of transportation vehicles.

The Valtra SmartGlass windscreen uses Lumineq transparent displays
to show important information to the driver

Durable displays for extreme conditions

Our thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays  are built for extreme conditions. They have superior brightness and can endure shock and vibration. They have instant pixel response and no motion blur at temperatures ranging from -60 ºC to +105 ºC!

The unique durability and performance of Lumineq TFEL displays are the perfect choice when you need a display to endure extreme hot, cold, humid, and/or dry conditions.

TFEL display in extreme conditions

A great example of the durability of our displays comes from Eurotank. They have integrated our TFEL displays in their Eurotank Futura tank vehicle control and monitoring systems. These monitoring systems are on the outside of the tanks, where they are exposed to hot and cold temperatures, vibrations, and humidity. 

As Eurotank Managing Director Rainer Vänni says: “The performance of the displays is simply excellent. The quality and rugged build is second to none. We haven’t had a display fail in 15 years.

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Learn more about in-glass laminated displays on our product pages.

Find out what makes our durable displays so incredible.

And if you're curious about the technology behind our displays, read more here.

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