Beneq Coating Services offers ultimate moisture barriers as a service

Standard Coating Processes

Beneq has implemented more industrial ALD applications than any other company. It is likely that have experience of similar coatings and job coating cases regardless of your protection and barrier needs.

To maximize speed, throughput and coating quality, we have, however, standardized the most typical processes in our Coting Services factory.

Corrosion protection

Our anti-tarnish and anti-corrosion processes have been tested with customers in both in the semiconductor equipment business and silver markets.

For large equipment parts, Beneq Coating Services can provide the best technical thin film barrier solution with ultimate conformality, also indise complex 3D parts. For luxury silverware and jewelry, our standard anti-tarnish process offers corrosion protection and uniform colours with one simple solution.

Optical coatings

Beneq is the leader in complex optical ALD coatings, filters and and nanolaminates. Beneq Coating Services offers customers with special optical coating requirements tested processes for demanding high-precision coatings on 3D objects and specialty optics products.

Moisture barriers

ALD is the best transparent moisture barrier available. ALD-based moisture barriers and encapsulation solutions are thin, conformal, and pinhole-free.

Beneq Coating Services can provide the ultimate protection against humidity and moisture as a service. Typical customers in this area include manufacturers of sensors and small displays. Beneq mositure barriers also protect PCB’s and other sensitive electronics components in demanding environments.

Pilot production and production optimization

The Beneq Coating Services team also supports customers who have already ordered ALD equipment from Beneq. When pilot production takes place at the Beneq factory while the equipment is being built, time to market with a new ALD application is significantly shorter. We can also offer temporary production capacity during peak times.

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Application examples

  • Chip-level ALD moisture barrier for components on tape
  • ALD anti-corrosion coating for semiconductor equipment parts
  • ALD gate dielectric for GaN power devices
  • ALD gate insulator for displays
  • Ultimate moisture barriers for OLED micro-displays from Beneq
  • Lumineq EL40S electroluminescent display by Beneq
  • Transparent electrode for displays by Beneq ALD
  • ALD is the ultimate moisture barrier for PCBs
  • Beneq FBR ALD reactor for moisture barriers of phospor powder
  • Beneq ALD coatings offer protection against corrosion in LED packaging.
  • Beneq ALD provides metal-like coatings for watch parts and fine mechanics.
  • Beneq ALD coatings for wafer-level moisture protection
  • Beneq ALD coatings provide high-quality reflectors for LED
  • Beneq ALD coatings boost the performance of diffractive gratings
  • Beneq provides ALD coatings to protect electronics components from corrosion
  • ALD coatings provide interface layers between materials in CIGS panels.
  • Beneq ALD coatings increase the lifetime of Li-Ion batteries
  • ALD is ideal for optical filters on complex surfaces.
  • Beneq ALD optical coatings increase the lifetime of high power lasers
  • ALD-based conformal moisture barrier coatings for microchannel plates from Beneq.
  • OLED lighting encapsulation with Beneq TFS 600. Fully automated and vacuum-line integrated. For industrial OLED encapsulation.
  • X-ray imaging scintillator plate encapsulation with Beneq Coating Services and Beneq P800 batch coating products

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