Wafer Fab Equipment

BENEQ Transform™ and Transform™ Lite

Versatile, automated ALD solution for high-throughput production.

The Beneq Transform™ establishes a completely new class of ALD cluster tool products in its versatility and adaptability to address a broad range of applications and market segments. With its automation platform and unique ability to combine both thermal and plasma-enhanced ALD process modules in one integrated system, the Beneq Transform™ offers unparalleled flexibility in how processing sequences can be realized to meet the most demanding thin-film deposition requirements. The Beneq Transform™ can also be configured with multiple ALD process modules to meet a specific wafer capacity requirement or be later upgraded in response to growing volumes or new ALD applications.

The BENEQ Transform™ is a full automated, production-ready ALD solution for power electronics, MEMS and sensors, RF, LED, photonics, and encapsulation applications. Its proprietary preheating module eliminates hours of waiting time and boosts throughput to a whole new level: 15 wafers per hour @50 nm Al2O3, in thermal mode. Throughput can be further increased by adding up to 2 more process modules, thermal or plasma.

The BENEQ Transform™ Lite offers the same thermal, plasma and preheating modules as the larger Transform™. It works well for R&D, prototyping, as well as volume production. It is capable of surface pre-treatment and can coat substrate materials at wafer sizes from 3 to 8 inches. With the BENEQ Transform™ Lite customers can now run several different ALD processes on multiple devices and applications, all on a single footprint!

Truly versatile.

Thermal and plasma ALD. Single wafer or batch processing. Widest range of high-performance oxides and nitrides. Maximize your options for flexible volume production.

Designed for the fab.

Industry-standard horizontal wafer loading offers plug-and-play integration. A unique preheating module eliminates waiting time and boosts throughput to a whole new level.

SEMI certified.

Fully compliant with SEMI S2/S8 and SECS/GEM standards. Customized support ensures a smooth transition to ALD in production.

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