Patrick Gonzalez

Technical Sales Manager, Atomic Layer Deposition

Who you are and what do you do?
I’m Patrick Gonzalez, Technical Sales and Marketing Manager in the Thin Film Solutions business unit. I joined Beneq in January 2016.
I’m originally from Chile, but grew up and went to school in the US. I have a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, USA.
I started my professional career working in the semiconductor industry in the US. I moved on to developing thin films  and etch processes for microchips, and then to product management and software development. Work as technical consultant brought me to live in Finland.
I lived close to the Beneq facility in Espoo and often drove by when dropping the kids to school. I realized that Beneq does exactly what I originally really enjoyed working with. There was a job opening at Beneq where I could combine my knowledge in thin films with my sales and marketing expertise.
As Technical Sales and Marketing Manager, I’m involved in pre-sales, where my work means early involvement with the customers and helping them to find the best solution. I’m also involved in sales for Latin America and Iberia, as well as in pre-sales for the US.

How would you describe your typical work day?
First thing in the morning I have a bunch of e-mails waiting for me from my co-worker in the US, as I’m the technical liaison for him. It typically takes up most of my morning to solve all the technical questions. Then I update the customer database with all the on-going projects. I work with my own customers in Europe by responding to e-mails and having phone conversations with them. It’s important to see how everything is working for the customers. Twice a week I finish the day with a conference call with our US colleagues, we cover all the topics requiring discussion. When needed I work with R&D running customer projects in our laboratory and factory.

How would you describe Beneq as a work place?
It’s a good combination of practicality and innovation. I enjoy working in a smaller company compared to the big international players I used to work for. We run lean, which requires everybody to work together in a cooperative environment. We are very busy with projects all over the world and I enjoy getting to work with many different technical areas and getting to see many different things. Although most of us are located in Finland, our work is very international as almost all our customers are located outside of Finland. As a bonus, with my Latin American customers, I often get to use  my native Spanish in addition to English.


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