Lumineq displays for maritime


Whether you’re sailing the seven seas, ferrying passengers along urban waterways, or transporting container vessel cargos to busy harbors, you’ll want navigational information easily accessible while keeping an eye on the horizon.

Safety on the seas with transparent displays

Visibility and situational awareness are crucial, and to make the right decisions fast, you’ll want to see important information at a single glance.

The most obvious solution is to place the critical data in your line of sight – in the command bridge window.

Lumineq® transparent displays can be placed inside command bridge windows, making the window itself a display. Our displays are ideal for delivering safety information; a warning sign is easy to see when it’s in your line of sight. And our transparent displays are invisible when they're not in use, so they don’t block your view.

Our Lumineq transparent displays can provide over 80% transmission values, easily meeting the 70% transparency requirement.

Durable displays for rough weathers

Displays are needed in monitoring systems, where the information must be easily accessed by operating and maintenance personnel. Our thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays perform exceptionally well in the most demanding of conditions. The rugged design of the displays is inorganic, solid sate and lightweight, with a crystal clear image quality and excellent readability.

Our durable displays have operating temperatures from -60 ºC to +105 ºC, with instant pixel response. The unique durability and performance of Lumineq TFEL displays are the perfect choice when you need a display to endure extremely hot, cold, and/or humid conditions.

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