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Anti-Corrosion Coatings for Semiconductor Equipment Parts

Various manufacturing processes expose semiconductor process chamber components to high temperatures, high energy plasma, a mixture of corrosive gases, high stress, and combinations thereof. These extreme conditions, found especially in etch and PECVD tools, may erode or corrode the chamber components, causing unwanted particle and metal contamination on the wafers being processed. Coating semiconductor process chamber components with ALD protective coatings is an effective way to reduce defects and extend their durability.

Coating Service

All coatings corrode over time and porous coatings generate more particles during corrosion. Consequently, high density and low porosity is key for low particle contamination.

Different components are exposed to different conditions. Therefore different coatings are needed for different components. Components in the gas delivery system are only exposed to chemicals, not plasma. Components in etch chamber are directly exposed to plasma.

Beneq has full batch process for all components with coatings such as Al2O3 and Y2O3. Beneq continually develops coatings and applications aimed to improve the reliability of critical semiconductor processes.

Showerhead part

Showerheads and etch chamber parts

The ALD process allows for conformal film layers having uniform film thickness on articles and surfaces having complex geometric shapes, holes with large aspect ratios, and three -dimensional structures. Single or multi-component coating may be grown or deposited using ALD with various oxide-based ceramics.

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