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Anti-Reflective Optical Coatings

The challenge when coating 3D optics is to deposit the coating with high uniformity over an arbitrary topology in a simple manner. Commonly used techniques so called line-of-sight methods cause a non-uniform thickness distribution and shadowing effects. To alleviate this problem extensive mechanical work and process optimization is required, and this may still not lead to a sufficiently homogeneous film deposition. ALD overcomes those constraints and has proven its suitability for high precision pinhole free films, where the challenge is not only to achieve uniformity over a large scale, but to coat conformally over high aspect ratio structures of arbitrary shapes.


ALD anti-reflective coatings on large and highly curved lenses works well. The resulting thin film performance extends from the visual into the infrared range even in case of dome shaped lenses with a radius as large as 150 mm. The method has been found suitable for a multitude of large free form optical components.

Micro channel plates (MCP)

The conformality of ALD allows ALD films to be deposited inside very narrow holes, such as the 10µm wide and several millimeter deep holes found in micro channel plates (MCP). ALD is well suited to deposit a secondary electron emission layer on conventional lead-oxide glass MCP-PMTs resulting in improved gain performance and increased device lifetime. The ALD layers effectively seal the MCP surface, preventing desorption of gas-phase contaminants in the MCP glass.

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