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April 18 - April 19

PE International 2023 / CS International 2023

Beneq conference and event crowd
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April 18 April 19

Meet Beneq at Power Electronics International, co-located with CS International (CS International 2023) in Brussels.

Semiconductor ALD Head of Sales, Mikko Söderlund will give a talk titled, “Integrated Atomic Layer Deposition Gate Dielectric stacks for SiC MOSFET power devices.” The talk will be on Wed. April 19th at 11:45 am and cover the use of ALD to control the dielectric/SiC interface to increase electron mobility.

The power electronics industry is incredibly upbeat. Sales of silicon devices are continuing to climb, while revenue is rocketing for the more recent arrivals, SiC and GaN. At Power Electronics International we shall look at the factors behind this growth, the challenges that are arising, and what the future will hold.

Delegates at this two-day conference will gain insights into the state of play and the opportunities that beckon through many dedicated talks and associated panel discussions covering the following five themes: Electric vehicles: Driving the SiC revolution; GaN: Carving out niches in consumer electronics; Safeguarding silicon’s successes; Strengthening supply chains; and Perfecting the package.

For the conference details and information about registration, visit: https://pe-international.net/register

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