TFEL displays take Munich Electronica 2012 in stride

Espoo, December 3rd 2012

This year’s 25th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications, or Munich Electronica 2012, as it is better known, proved to be a success for thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays and the Lumineq product portfolio. TFEL-displays, which were promoted for what they really are designed and used for, rugged displays for extreme conditions, gained a great deal of publicity and resulted in a great success with abundant customer inquiries at the show. Transparent TFEL-displays (TASEL), which combine crystal clear transparency with the reliability of standard TFEL-displays, were given a sizeable part of marketing space and message, resulting in perhaps the biggest impact on the visitors.

                                          Lumineq TFEL display: EL 640.200-SK

Mr Gerald Smid, Program Applications Manager for Lumineq products, comments: “We have a strong portfolio of industry-proven TFEL displays, some of which are exposed to the cruelest of environments, like the oil- and gas fields in Siberia, where operating temperatures frequently drop to –60 °C. People clearly want to see, with their own eyes, what technology can withstand these extreme conditions and still function without any slowdown. Also, our Transparent and Segmented EL displays, TASEL, have turned out to be very interesting to markets where aesthetics and the technical abilities of a product are equally important. I mean products, where a reliable and accurate display must also be beautiful, as part of the viewing experience.”

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Lumineq, a business unit of Beneq Oy, is the world’s premier manufacturer and developer of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays. Lumineq displays are in use in a wide array of applications in mining, marine and off-shore, public safety, medical device, military/avionics and generic industries. The display itself is robust and reliable, and it is habitually used in extreme environments, often being the only type of display that can cope with the conditions. Lumineq also manufactures and develops transparent electroluminescent thin film displays (TASEL) for applications that combine aesthetics with superior reliability and unique viewing experience.

Beneq Oy, based in Finland, is a leading supplier of production and research equipment for thin film coatings, as well as the world’s premier manufacturer and developer of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays. Beneq thin film equipment is used for thin film coatings in solar photovoltaics, flexible electronics, strengthened glass and other emerging thin film applications. Industry-proven Beneq equipment and thin film experience is used for improving the efficiency of crystalline silicon and thin film solar cells, producing transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coated glass and making touch screen glass more durable. Beneq has introduced several revolutionary innovations within its coating technologies, including roll-to-roll atomic layer deposition (ALD) and high-yield atmospheric aerosol coating (nAERO®). In addition to process equipment, Beneq also offers complete coating services.

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