Lumineq Displays operations open for business in North America

Espoo, August 22nd, 2013

As of June 2013, Lumineq® Displays has now established a complete and independent organization for the sales of thin film electroluminescent displays (TFEL) and transparent electroluminescent displays (TASEL) in the US that is fully ready to serve customers throughout North America.

The new operations, located in Duluth, Georgia, a northeastern suburb of Atlanta, handles all sales for the US, Canada and Mexico through this office. Mr Jari Hurttia, Mr Brad Aitchison, and Mr Scott Vahlsing are at the helm of the sales team. In addition to housing the staff and the thin film electroluminescent display products, the facility includes its own warehouse.

“We are increasing our commitment to certain display products that have proven to have the most appeal in the North American market,” says Mr Jari-Pekka Tiesmäki, Beneq Vice President and head of Lumineq Displays. “These are the products that are becoming our rising stars here. In particular, we’re seeing growth in the government, automotive, medical/hospital, marine and oil/gas instrumentation, automation control and human-machine interface (HMI) market segments.”

There is also a strong interest in transparent TASEL displays for high-end consumer products, which enables customers to create unique product differentiation and a “wow effect” using these displays in their designs.

“Having our own dedicated organization in the US, we can be sure to serve the needs of our North American clients in a localized and timely way,” Tiesmäki concludes. 

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Lumineq displays withstand the harshest of environments, such as cold, heat, moisture, vibration and shock, without loss in performance, year after year.

For more information, please contact:
Mr Jari-Pekka Tiesmäki, Vice President
Lumineq Displays, Beneq
Tel: +358 40 510 3001
e-mail: jari-pekka.tiesmaki(at)

Lumineq Displays, a business unit of Beneq, is the world’s premier manufacturer and developer of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays. Lumineq displays are used in a wide array of applications in mining, marine and offshore, public safety, medical device, military/avionics and generic industries. The display itself is robust and reliable, and it is habitually used in extreme environments, often being the only type of display that can cope with the conditions. Lumineq also manufactures and develops transparent electroluminescent thin film displays (TASEL) for applications that combine aesthetics with superior reliability and unique viewing experience.

Beneq, based in Finland, is a leading supplier of production and research equipment for thin film coatings, as well as the world’s premier manufac-turer and developer of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays. Beneq thin film equipment is used for thin film coatings in solar photovoltaics, flexible electronics, strengthened glass and other emerging thin film applications. In addition to process equipment, Beneq also offers extensive Thin Film Coating Services.

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