Lumineq® lengthens lifetime of EL640.480-AA1 color display with drop-in replacement unit

Continuing the company’s exceptional commitment to extending a product’s lifetime, Lumineq® is offering a limited edition of drop-in replacement units for the previous generation of the colored EL640.480-AA1 display. This enables customers to further lengthen the lifetime of their existing applications and fulfill any service obligations from unforeseen external circumstances.

Multi-color VGA display
The Lumineq EL640.480-AA1 display is the color version of the largest non-transparent display that the company manufactures. This display, which is a VGA-compatible, high-resolution electroluminescent (TFEL) unit, delivers eight different hues of red, green and yellow with excellent image clarity.

Committed to deliver
“Now, by offering a drop-in replacement for this special display, we are delivering on our strong commitment to support our customers over the lifetime of their products and applications,” says Ari Tervonen, Product Manager, Lumineq Displays.

“Additionally, it helps our customers fulfill their promises when it comes to after-sales services for their customers and end-users. If any exceptional external or unplanned events occur, such as damage due to mishandling, no expensive modifications are required. A new color display replacement is quick and simple,” he continues.


Lumineq EL640.480-AA1 is a rugged and reliable matrix display for applications that require multi-color content in VGA format in demanding conditions.

Guaranteed performance
The EL640.480-AA1 display is designed to function in extreme environments and is totally service free. The display’s image contrast and colors remain constant over a wide viewing angle. No additional polarizing filter is needed for most lighting conditions.

For more information, please contact:
  Mr Ari Tervonen, Product Manager
  Lumineq Displays, Beneq
  Tel: +358 40 544 4495
  e-mail: ari.tervonen(at)

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Lumineq Displays is the world’s premier manufacturer and developer of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays. Lumineq displays are used in a wide array of applications in extreme conditions: defense, outdoor instrumentation, transportation, marine, public safety, medical, aviation and heavy industry. Lumineq Displays also manufactures transparent thin film displays.

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