Lumineq® Displays hosts third annual Distributor Meeting in Espoo

On May 19 and 20, 2015, Lumineq hosted its third annual Distributor Meeting at the Lumineq Displays facilities in Espoo, Finland. Distributors gathered from all parts of the world to meet and discuss the strengthened global presence of the company and to see Lumineq’s recently launched EL40S segmented display and the EL640.480-AA1 color matrix display.

Spirits were high and the atmosphere upbeat throughout the meeting. It was a great opportunity for the entire group to reflect on the steady progress made since the new Lumineq brand was launched to the market just over two years ago.

Distributors got additional information and sales support materials for the latest Lumineq EL40S display and the replacement unit for the EL640.480-AA1 display.

“The EL40S display offers unmatched readability with its ultrabright, segmented technology,” says Scott Vahlsing, Technical Sales Director for Lumineq Displays USA (Beneq, Inc.). “I’m really looking forward to taking this new product out in my market. It’s a great solution for customers when it comes to getting outstanding readability in rugged work environments.”

The Lumineq EL40S is an ultrabright segmented display for extreme conditions, where clarity of content and readability are a must.

For the EL640.480-AA1 display, Lumineq is now offering drop-in replacement units to lengthen the lifetime of customers’ products. This is the color version of the largest matrix display that the company manufactures. 

The Lumineq EL640.480-AA1 is a multicolor VGA display for extreme conditions.

“I want to sincerely thank all of our distributors who participated in our meeting this year. The great turnout encourages us all to push forward. Sharing learnings from the different markets is also a way for all of us to grow and implement new ideas to move faster towards our goals,” says Jari-Pekka Tiesmäki, Vice President of Lumineq Displays, Beneq.

Distributors from all over the world met at Lumineq Displays’ premises for two days of product launches, discussions and business development.

Not only was the meeting about learning and sharing, the evening programs gave everyone a great chance to network and enjoy the longer spring nights of Finland. Knowing that Lumineq Displays are being well received on the international market also fueled the spirits of everyone to continue giving their best.

“We’re already really looking forward to next year’s distributor meeting – and to see how much we can achieve during the year ahead,” smiles Jari-Pekka.

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Lumineq Displays is the world’s premier manufacturer and developer of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays. Lumineq displays are used in a wide array of applications in extreme conditions: defense, outdoor instrumentation, transportation, marine, public safety, medical, aviation and heavy industry. Lumineq Displays also manufactures transparent thin film displays.

Beneq and Lumineq are registered trademarks of Beneq Oy.

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