Beneq Thin Film Equipment is on the move!

As of Thursday, June 12, 2014, Beneq’s facilities in Vantaa will join Lumineq Displays on its premises in Espoo, Finland.

Now for the first time, Beneq Thin Film Equipment and Beneq Lumineq® Displays will be under the same roof, enabling the two complementary entities to take greater advantage from their synergies.

The Espoo plant in Finland, the biggest concentration of ALD equipment in the world, will be the place that combines the vivid past, present and future of ALD.

“We bring you our heritage from more than 30 years of thin film production, starting with the first commercial thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays rolling of the production line in 1983. Today, we are the world’s premier manufacturer of TFEL displays, and also a pioneer in bringing true see-through displays to the market. Our transparent TASEL® displays have already made a considerable impact on the display community, a tangible result of which are the numerous customized demos we are piloting for customers. And what is very pleasing is that our non-transparent displays have also gained new business”, says Sampo Ahonen, CEO, Beneq.

For the future, Beneq, with both Lumineq Displays and Thin Film Equipment, will continue to pioneer thin film research, equipment that enables new and better applications, and displays that continue to impress.

Please note, that this news concerns the move of Beneq Thin Film Equipment only, and that Beneq Lumineq Displays is not affected in any way by the aforementioned move.

Beneq Thin Film Equipment and Beneq Lumineq Displays are now located on the same premises in Espoo, Finland.

For more information, please contact:
  Mr Jari-Pekka Tiesmäki, Vice President
  Lumineq Displays, Beneq
  Tel: +358 40 510 3001
  e-mail: jari-pekka.tiesmaki(at)

Lumineq Displays, a business unit of Beneq, is the world’s premier manufacturer and developer of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays. Lumineq displays are used in a wide array of applications in mining, marine and offshore, public safety, medical device, military/avionics and generic industries. The display itself is robust and reliable, and it is habitually used in extreme environments, often being the only type of display that can cope with the conditions. Lumineq also manufactures and develops transparent electroluminescent thin film displays (TASEL) for applications that combine aesthetics with superior reliability and unique viewing experience.

Beneq, based in Finland, is a leading supplier of production and research equipment for thin film coatings, as well as the world’s premier manufacturer and developer of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays. Beneq thin film equipment is used for thin film coatings in solar photovoltaics, flexible electronics, strengthened glass and other emerging thin film applications. In addition to process equipment, Beneq also offers extensive Thin Film Coating Services.

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Beneq, Lumineq and TASEL are registered trademarks of Beneq Oy.

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