Lumineq in-glass displays for delivering critical information in the line of sight

Let's talk at Display Week 2018

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 to Thursday, May 24, 2018

Meet Jackie at Display Week 2018, Los Angeles

Jackie Hatfield, Sales Manager at Beneq Lumineq® Displays, will be at Display Week 2018 during Tuesday and Wednesday (22 - 23 May). She'll be happy to meet you and tell you more about Lumineq displays.

To set up a meeting, call her at 512-239-8760, or send email to

Lumineq displays - the most transparent displays in the world

Beneq's Lumineq displays, enabled by atomic layer deposition, are the world’s most transparent and most reliable displays.

Lumineq in-glass laminated displays for clear communication

Transparency makes our  in-glass laminated displays perfect for displaying data especially in cockpits, cabins, and other driver environments, as the displays are laminated inside windows, windscreens and windshields, and don't take up valuable space in already cluttered environments.

And Lumineq in-glass displays simply disappear when you turn them off! 

A great example how Lumineq in-glass laminated displays
can be used to clearly show information. And the
display disappears when it's not in use!

Lumineq transparent electroluminescent (TASEL) displays for design freedom

Our transparent electroluminescent TASEL® displays break the design boundaries of conventional displays with their easy customization. TASEL displays are ideal for high-end applications, where a subtle look and first-class viewing experience make the product stand out. These customizable, window-like displays provide transparency and durability beyond any competing technology.

You can now design smartwatches that look smart,
thanks to Lumineq transparent electroluminescent displays.

Lumineq thin-film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays for the most extreme conditions

The black and yellow colors of our durable thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays are known as the Colors of Reliability®. They tolerate cold, pressure, shock and vibrations better than any other display type. They are also known as the world’s most reliable displays, which is no surprise, since they can easily endure the most extreme conditions and environments!

Lumineq thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays
for instant-ON performance even at -76 °F to +221 °F

Learn more about Lumineq displays from Jackie at Display Week 2018, Los Angeles!

Call her at 512-239-8760, or send email to


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