Information in the line of sight

With Lumineq® transparent electroluminescent (TASEL®) displays, you can now design lens systems that bring digital information directly in the users’ line of sight. You have the luxury of designing binoculars and other optical devices that incorporate micro displays in the lens systems, and you don’t have to compromise on transparency or durability.

1. Clear as glass with high resolution

Lumineq transparent displays have uniquely high – even over 80% - transparency. You don't notice the additional display or luminating segments or matrix when the display is not in use. The additional display simply becomes invisible.

2. Low power consumption and small electronics

Our transparent thin-film electroluminescent displays are built using emissive technology, where only the segments that are lit up use power. This means low power consumption of a few milliwatts, depending on the lit area and the brightness.

3. Made to survive tough environments

Lumineq transparent electroluminescent displays are solid state and inorganic. They are unaffected by high or low temperatures. Our display glass can withstand a temperature range of  -100 °C to +105 °C . No other technology can equal this.

4. Lumineq custom display service

With our custom display service, you can design your own display and easily combine form and function. You can define the size, content, and even shape of the display.

5. Lumineq displays are made to last

Lumineq’s TASEL and non-transparent electroluminescent (TFEL) displays are both based on the same reliable thin film electroluminescent display technology.
Lumineq displays by Beneq have long lifetimes; Beneq is still supplying displays which were introduced more than 15 years ago!

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