Heads up for the next-generation RVs

Get ready for the next-generation recreational vehicles (RVs) with Lumineq® transparent and in-glass laminated displays.  Lumineq transparent and in-glass laminated displays are the world's most transparent displays, making them ideal for first-class viewing experience in RVs.

New technology, new challenges in RV design

New technology brings new challenges to RV interior design that transparent displays can easily meet, as they are placed inside a windshield or window, and do not take up valuable space on (or in) the motorhome dashboard.

Transparent and in-glass laminated displays show information clearly to both the motorhome driver and passenger(s), and become invisible when they are turned off. They also underline, not undermine, meticulously designed RV interiors.

Transparent and in-glass laminated displays compared to HUDs

How do transparent displays compare to head-up displays (HuDs) in new generation RV design? HUDs have weaknesses that transparent displays do not, for example:

  1. HUD images are distorted on vertical or almost vertical windows and windshields - transparent displays show information perfectly on any glass window or surface
  2. Projected HUDs have a limited sweetspot - transparent displays can be viewed clearly from wide angles
  3. HUD projectors shake when the vehicle shakes resulting in not very clear images - off-roaders will appreciate the stability of transparent displays in even the roughest terrains
  4. HUD projectors take up room inside the dashboard - transparent displays save up space inside the RV dashboard, too!

Read our blog for more on RV interior limitations and the rise of RV sales.

You can find more information about transparent in-glass laminated displays on our Lumineq product pages.

And if you're curious about the technology behind our transparent displays, learn how a pixel is lit on Lumineq displays.

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