Transparent Lumineq matrix displays just got a lot bigger

Large transparent matrix displays for in-glass laminated applications

Beneq's Lumineq® transparent displays, enabled by atomic layer deposition (ALD), are the world’s most transparent and reliable displays.

Earlier this Spring, we introduced the unique Lumineq ELT160.60.100-07NC matrix display, which serves as a transparent display in window laminates in, for example, vehicular windshields and windscreens. Being a matrix display, the ELT160.60.100 is capable of showing arbitrary information.

And in the Summer, we brought you touch-enabled Lumineq transparent displays, which combine Lumineq transparency with the new Lumineq touch technology.

Now that Autumn is here, we’re doubling the size of our transparent matrix display with the new Lumineq ELT144.72.210-07NC!

Double feed display

The ELT144.72.210 comes with 144 columns and 72 rows of pixels with a pixel pitch of 2,1mm. This display is especially suited for narrow window glazings, for example door windows of passenger vehicles as it solves the challenge of feeding a large passive matrix display with a clever twist: the display is fed from two sides and split in the middle.

You can now display double the amount of information in the new Lumineq ELT144.210-07NC transparent matrix display.

The new Lumineq ELT144.210-07NC transparent double display is fed from the sides, as demonstrated in the image.
In real-life installations, the feeding flex cables are hidden under the supporting structure of the display.

The new transparent matrix display is made up of two separate glass panels, which can be easily laminated to create one large, seamless display.

One large, seamless display created with two glass panels.

Excellent readability with large pixel sizes

The new matrix display has excellent readability with a pixel size of 1,49mm x 1,49mm and pixel pitch of 2,1mm x 2,1mm. The display content can easily be read from far away. With suitable tinting, this display is fully daylight readable with approximately 200nits brightness performance. Dimensions of the display active area are approximately 300mm x 150mm, and the size of two glass panels is 236mm  (height) x 2x160mm (320mm, width).

Ideal display for narrow windows

The Lumineq ELT144.210-07NC matrix display is excellent for showing information in transportation windows and doors, vehicular windows, office building windows and doors doors etc., where the side feeding of the display can be facilitated. Now any window with approximately 30-40cm width can be turned into a daylight readable information sharing device visible in two directions.

And as with any other transparent Lumineqdisplay, in OFF state, the display is virtually invisible and does not obstruct the original purpose of the window – allowing the passage of line of sight and light.


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