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Transparent Lumineq Display Tour in Agritechnica

As we have mention before, cockpit displays and improving safety and ergonomics of driver environments is one of the cornerstones of our Lumineq display business.

In addition to improved safety, the integrated transparent displays save space in dashboards and operator cabins, and offer crystal-clear readability, better situational awareness and more ergonomic working conditions for off-road vehicles and alike.   

Three new Lumineq demos worth seeing at Agritechnica

Agritechnica 2017 just started in Hannover, Germany. The exhibition is living proof of how the magic of transparency of Lumineq displays will be visible (and invisible) in cockpits and vehicle cabins. We have not just one new demo, but three exciting new examples of transparent display applications on display at the exhibition with our partners.

Here are the display demos you should see through at Agritechnica:

Valtra SmartGlass

Valtra is introducing a unique SmartGlass windscreen with a transparent display for agricultural tractors. The robust and bright display technology, laminated inside the front glass provides an excellent solution to improve the user experience while operating the tractor even in the most demanding operating conditions.

Hall 20, stand A26. More about Valtra SmartGlass in our blog: Proven in the Field.

Smart CAB Concept

Lumineq Displays is an associate supplier of the CAB Concept Cluster. In Agritechnica, the cluster will introduce the Smart CAB, a multifunctional cabin for harvesters, field sprayers and other agriculture equipment for smart farming. Lumineq Displays has worked with the cluster members, such as Fritzmeier Group and Hella, to integrate transparent Lumineq displays in the cabin concept to be presented.

Hall 17, stand D53. More about the Smart CAB Concept in our blog: Smart Cockpits.

Pilkington Transparent Multi-purpose Display

Pilkington Automotive Finland is also showing new applications of transparent Lumineq displays at their stand. We have been working with Pilkington’s Specialised Transport unit to improve driver environments and vehicle manufacturer design opportunities, and this time we are showing an in-glass laminated matrix display.

Hall 17, stand B15. More about the Pilkington's Transparent Multi-purpose Display in our blog: Vehicle Design Opportunities.

We are looking forward to seeing you through Agritechnica

It certainly looks like the benefits of in-glass laminated Lumineq displays in cockpits are increasingly appreciated in the vehicle market. If you are in Hannover, make sure to take the tour and check the latest trends in cockpit safety and ergonomics. If you want to know more about the future of driver environments, ask our partners at the stands or get in touch with the Lumineq team directly. We have several people from the Lumineq team at Agritechnica ready to meet you.

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