One shape does not fit all!

Beneq Introduces New Custom Display Service

The business for embedded displays has so far been defined by a limited set of display shapes and sizes. A typical design process for display products starts with a standard rectangular display and builds the product around the screen with given measurements.

Not anymore. 

Rugged and transparent Lumineq® displays in any size and shape

We are happy to introduce our new custom display service that allows our customers to design their own displays and still get all the benefits of Beneq’s proven and robust Lumineq display technology.

In the custom Lumineq design process, the customers can define the size and shape of the displays, as well as the graphics and information to be displayed. The displays are available as complete display modules and glass only, which enables totally new integration concepts including in-glass and on-glass lamination. The displays can also be drilled and cut to shape.

The easiest way to get started is to fill in and submit our custom display information form on our custom display configurator page

New demos of custom Lumineq displays can be drilled and cut to fit customer specifications.


New demos on display in Embedded World 2016

As we mentioned earlier in this blog when we talked about the Ultradent soft tissue dental laser, transparent Lumineq displays make a great product differentiator and convey a message of premium quality. Optical devices, such as scopes, range finders and head-up displays are typical applications for the product line.

Latest examples of customized Lumineq displays will be shown for the first time next week in Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany. In the event, we will also be presenting a new vehicle glass display demonstrator, which has been created together with Pilkington Automotive. This is continuation to the joint development we started last year.

Custom Lumineq displays can be laminated in-glass for seamless integration.

In-glass laminated Lumineq displays can be used to display information on windshields and passenger windows of vehicles without obstructing the view, and to show vital data on large glass panes that surround the operator in heavy-duty machinery, such as forest harvesters, tractors and cranes. When information is not needed, the display simply disappears.

Come and meet us!

Want to see for yourself? Come and visit us in Embedded World 2016!, We are in Hall 1, stand 1-148. Just drop in or book a meeting through our event web page.

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