Lumineq flying high

Beneq’s displays are now part of Airbus A350 water management

Our Lumineq displays are ideal for extreme conditions. As there are no moving parts and no liquids – or anything else that would easily break – in our electroluminescent displays, they tolerate cold, pressure, shock and vibrations better than any other display type. This is why the black and yellow colors of our TFEL displays are known as the colors of reliability.

One business area where reliability is of utmost importance is aviation. The reliability requirements for parts in aircraft manufacturing are the hardest. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. The conditions are harsh, particularly if the components are on the outside of an aircraft. It is cold out there and there are heavy structural loads on all parts that are part of the vessel skin.

Wouldn’t that be the perfect place, then, for a Lumineq display that operates perfectly down to -60°C and can tolerate high impacts and high altitudes?

It certainly would. And there they are.

Lumineq displays in a control panel of Airbus A350

You rarely get to see the outside details of an airplane, but if you ever walk around an Airbus A350 and keep your eyes open when the ground personnel are servicing the water tanks, you will spot the familiar black and yellow colors in the control panel of the aircraft’s water management system.

The control panels of the water management system are used by the airport personnel for service operations, such as filling, draining, disinfection and depressurization of the water tanks. They also provide important pressure, status and guidance information.

It is easy to understand that reliability is critical there, as is clear readability without motion blur when the display is cold after landing. That is the kind of extreme environmental conditions our Lumineq displays are made for. One more application for our electroluminescent thin film display technology we can be proud of. Fly high, Airbus 350, fly high!

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