Laser sharp design

Product differentiation with transparent Lumineq displays

At Beneq, we have always believed that our transparent TASEL displays look great. You simply don’t find anything else on the market with similar levels of transparency, resolution and viewing angles.

The thin film electroluminescent displays are well-known among engineers for their reliability, but with the transparent versions we are now seeing great interest in new customer groups, such as industrial designers and high-end product design companies.

The transparent and durable Lumineq displays make a great differentiator when you want to create a unique look and convey a message of premium quality professional products.

A jaw-dropping design with a customized Lumineq TASEL display

A great example of a product where a customized Lumineq display has been designed on a new and innovative product is the new Gemini soft tissue laser, the latest creation from one of our customers, Azena Medical, which is an award-winning product design and manufacturing company in San Francisco Bay Area.

With this product, Azena really have achieved their design principles: simplicity, efficacy, and stunning aesthetics. It is easy to understand why the product has already been featured in the news and exhibition videos and gained success in design competitions.

We are certain that jaws of dental patients will drop when they see the product and its Lumineq screen.

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