The Future on Display

New Lumineq Concept Pictures by Design Students

Beneq’s electroluminescent Lumineq® displays are the world’s most transparent and most reliable displays. We believe they have a bright future.

To make sure that we don’t get stuck in old ways of thinking, we at Lumineq Displays have a habit of organizing vision workshops about future concepts and technology that may change the world of displays in upcoming years. This work often results in development projects, new demos and improvements in our display production.

When we want to go even further into the future, we work with students. Student projects with universities broaden our horizons and often result in extraordinary images of what future displays and future products with integrated transparent screens could look like.

Collaboration with Aalto University

The latest of our student projects was with the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University. Future industrial designers worked with us an intensive couple of months on a course called Product Architecture Design to vision new application areas for transparent displays.

The results are worth sharing. If you want to put technical restrictions aside for a while and let your imagination fly, you can now see the first examples of the students’ images on the new vision area of our website.

What if transparent electroluminescent displays were an integrated part of smart homes? What if we had windows with information that disappears when it is not needed? What if household items, whiteware and furniture had transparent displays?

Are you ready? Look into the future. And make sure to come back regularly for more. We will be adding new images on the Lumineq vision pages every week.

The future is transparent.

Lumineq vision from Aalto PAD course

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