The future is bright and transparent

First demos of in-glass laminated TASEL® displays shown in public

Our totally transparent TASEL displays have been causing a stir lately among designers and manufacturers around the world. The reason is clear and easy to see (apologies - it is hard to resist these jokes): the customized see-through displays enable designers to break the boundaries of conventional displays and literally use any window surface as a visual user interface.

TASEL displays are the only transparent displays on the market you really can see through. It makes them ideal for high-end applications, where aesthetics and a first-class viewing experience create differentiation. They are also, thanks to their ruggedness, very suitable for applications including wear and tear, as well as harsh ambient conditions.

Demonstrating the unique viewing experience with HUDs

An obvious application of TASEL displays are head-up-displays (HUD) or in-glass laminated displays in the windscreen of cars and work vehicles. You can keep your attention and eyes on the road ahead and still receive critical data from the transparent display. And when the data is not needed, the display can be switched off, leaving no traces in the glass.

Closeup of an in-glass laminated TASEL® display demo. Lumineq displays by Beneq.

Seeing is believing. To demonstrate the TASEL technology and the power of in-glass laminated displays, we have partnered with Pilkington Automotive to create the first vehicle glasses with laminated Lumineq displays. The results were demonstrated for the first time in two recent exhibitions, Busworld and Agritechnica, where the attached pictures are from.

Pretty cool screens, we think, and the starting point of something very interesting. There are no boundaries (here we go again, sorry!) for where the technology could be used. Please get in touch, if you have ideas about where we should integrate our displays next.

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