The Colors of Reliability®

What makes Lumineq displays so trustworthy

In a recent event where we were exhibiting our Lumineq displays, a visitor, who turned out to be an engineer from the defense sector, walked passed our stand and suddenly stopped and shouted:

“Oh, I know these displays. These black and yellow ones are the ones you can trust!”

You can’t ask for a much better starting point for a discussion about rugged displays. We then went on to discuss specific requirements for displays in a project the engineer was working on: the displays should work in extreme cold without heaters, and offer high contrast, good shock durability and a long product life cycle – quite typical specifications for a customer of our displays.

After a while the engineer condensed our discussion in a way so good that we thought it would be worth a mention in this blog:

“When it comes to displays, black and yellow really are the most reliable colors.”

We could not have said it better ourselves. Lumineq – The colors of reliability®.

Black & Yellow = Reliability

The black and yellow colors are inherent for thin film electroluminescent displays because of the technology (a ZnS:Mn phospor layer is the most efficient and its emissions are seen as yellow by the human eye), but we have been told that they are sometimes copied in demos of other display technologies to represent reliability. So strong is the mental connection between these colors and robustness for those in the business.

If you want to know more about the ruggedness of Lumineq displays (the same is true for our TASEL displays even if they are transparent and yellow), we have listed on our website 20 reasons why TFEL displays are the most reliable display choice for extreme conditions. From the website, you can also read more about how thin film electroluminescent displays work and compare the Lumineq displays to other display technologies.

In future posts, we will go into the details of the technology behind the reliability of our displays and tell you more about how they work in demanding environments. For now, the key message is here: Thin film electroluminescent displays tolerate extreme conditions better than any other display type. Trust us.

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