1 August 2019 Lumineq Displays

All LUMINEQ displays meet the demands of harsh environment, but if the conditions are even more intense, and you want that extra guarantee, here are some additional options to ruggedize your rugged displays.

22 July 2019 Beneq

Bellevue, Washington, USA – Beneq today unveiled R2, a compact modular platform that makes it dramatically easier for universities, research institutes and enterprises to start advanced ALD research. Completely redesigned from the ground up with ergonomics in mind, the basic R2 model comes fully equipped for thermal ALD. With flexible add-on options customers can easily expand to other advanced processes such as plasma, batch processing, powder ALD, and reduced flow.

16 July 2019 Lumineq Displays

Speed warnings appearing on your windshield as you drive. Notifications indicators are still in use, or messages flashing across a windscreen notifying a pedestrian it’s safe to cross. This isn’t a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster. This is the future of the automotive industry.

2 July 2019 Lumineq Displays

To entertain the increasingly higher consumer expectations, new display technologies are being developed to enable smart windows in vehicles for premium passenger experience. By laminating transparent displays in glass, OEMs are empowered to utilize all the windows, which account for one-third of the surface area of a vehicle, showing important information and adding functions that otherwise would need a physical control panel for.

18 June 2019 Beneq

Scintillates are one of the oldest types of radiation detector because initially measurements could be made with photographic film. Images could be collected, or intensity measurements made. Measurements could even be made with the human eye observing the brightness of frequency of flashes in the scintillator. Nowadays, the light output is converted into data that are processed using compact photodiodes. Scintillators come in different types, and in this edition of the blog, we look at Beneq’s ALD encapsulation solutions.

4 June 2019 Lumineq Displays

Over the past decade, Lumineq has been continually strengthening its global presence and enhancing local customer support through experienced distributors. It is our favorite tradition at Lumineq to host the annual Distributor Meeting in the summer, the best time of the year in Finland. This June we had our 7th Distributor Meeting. 

7 May 2019 Beneq

Beneq introduces a new investment plan to support growth in new industrial ALD solutions and the transparent display business. The new owners of Beneq have approved an investment program that allows Beneq to grow faster in its strategic focus areas, such as ALD solutions for the emerging semiconductor applications and transparent vehicle displays. Together with the new owners’ earlier investments in 2018 to improve Beneq’s equity ratio and working capital, the announced development programs result in a total investment of over 20 million euros.

7 May 2019 Beneq

BeneqOy panostaa kasvuun. Beneq esitteli tänään uuden investointiohjelman, joka vauhdittaa yhtiön teollisten ALD-ratkaisujen tuotekehitystä ja näyttötuotannon kehittämistä Beneqin Espoon tehtaalla. Investointiohjelma mahdollistaa nopeamman kasvun Beneqin strategiassa määritellyillä kasvualueilla, kuten puolijohdeteollisuuden uusissa ALD-ratkaisuissa ja autoteollisuuteen soveltuvissa läpinäkyvissä näytöissä. Uudet omistajat investoivat jo viime vuonna Beneqin käyttöpääomaan ja omavaraisuusasteen parantamiseen. Yhdessä aiempien sijoitusten kanssa nyt julkistettu investointiohjelma nostaa investointien summan yli 20 miljoonaan euroon.

17 April 2019 Lumineq Displays

See-through displays can bring AR to optical devices such as range finders, scopes, head-mounted displays, and telescopes. By bringing digital information in the line of sight, transparent displays elevate user experience and situational awareness of optical devices to a whole new level. 

18 March 2019 Beneq

In industrial applications, and specifically in semiconductor processing equipment applications, damage and failure of metal components results from exposure to reactive chemicals. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) offers qualities that enable the deposition of high-quality anti-corrosion barrier layers.

21 February 2019 Lumineq Displays

The magic of transparency

With transparent displays, you can break design boundaries of conventional vehicles by turning any glass surface, such as windshields, side windows or doors, into an interactive see-through display. Transparent display glass can be in-glass laminated, drilled or cut to custom shape to fulfill different design requirements. With crystal clear transparency and 360-degree viewing angle, transparent displays bridge the gap between the digital and the physical worlds. This is no longer science fiction, it’s a reality. 

21 December 2018 Beneq

Beneq is a smart materials company that is all about durability and long product lifecycles. It is in our blood to always optimize the use of raw materials and not to create unnecessary waste.

Furthermore, Beneq was born global and almost all our turnover still comes from outside Finland. Our customers have always been from the world over and from many different cultures.

12 October 2018 Lumineq Displays

Beneq's Lumineq® transparent displays, enabled by atomic layer deposition (ALD), are the world’s most transparent and reliable displays.

Earlier this Spring, we introduced the unique Lumineq ELT160.60.100-07NC matrix display, which serves as a transparent display in window laminates in, for example, vehicular windshields and windscreens. Being a matrix display, the ELT160.60.100 is capable of showing arbitrary information.

11 October 2018 Lumineq Displays

Extreme conditions place extreme demands on displays - they need to be relied on for instant-on performance capabilities no matter what the conditions. 

From the intense heat of the desert, to the ice-cold winds of the Arctic, to tropical storms, our rugged Lumineq® TFEL displays have been tried and tested in some of the roughest and most extreme conditions.

28 September 2018 Beneq

Beneq® Corporation, a leading supplier of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment and thin film coating services, and the world’s premier manufacturer of thin film electroluminescent displays, today announced a share purchase agreement about the acquisition of all Beneq Oy shares. The agreement will enable faster expansion in Beneq’s key markets and additional investments in industrial ALD thin film solutions and transparent displays.

17 September 2018 Lumineq Displays

Vision Systems, a supplier of solutions for the aeronautic, land transport and marine markets, is presenting its innovative dimmable window and onboard entertainment system at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin this week.

The highly sophisticated Vision Systems dimmable window incorporates multiple technologies, including the latest Lumineq® Displays technology; the ELT160.60.100-07NC display and Lumineq Touch technology.

Drop by the Vision Systems stand 225 (Hall 1.1) at InnoTrans 2018, and see this latest innovation in transportation design!

3 September 2018 Beneq

Beneq is an international workplace on a global market. Last year, 97% of our turnover came from countries outside Finland. We have long believed that to succeed with our growth plans we need to find the best experts from around the world and hire whoever gets the job done regardless of where they come from or how they look like. It is in our character.

Therefore, we were happy to join the Work Does Not Discriminate campaign launched by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK).

11 July 2018 Beneq

We are playing the ALD game with the largest companies in the world. On the Fortune 100 list of world’s biggest enterprises, there are 27 Beneq customers.

Of the companies on the Fortune 500 list, our Thin Film Solutions business unit has been working with 59. Our Lumineq Displays have 37 Fortune 500 customers.

6 July 2018 Lumineq Displays

Beneq's Lumineq® transparent displays, enabled by atomic layer deposition (ALD), are the world’s most transparent and reliable displays. Lumineq transparent displays are used in applications where fully transparent display properties are required.

13 June 2018 Lumineq Displays

Lumineq® Displays distributors gathered together in Espoo, Finland to share knowledge and news, and to discuss the strengthened global presence of the company.

12 June 2018 Beneq

Beneq was proud to invite Dr Tuomo Suntola, the 2018 Millennium Technology Prize winner for his innovative atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology, back to the building where production of his revolutionary ALD electroluminescent displays started.

29 May 2018 Lumineq Displays

The  Lumineq®  ELT160.60.100-07NC display (a.k.a. the “.100”) is a transparent thin film electroluminescent matrix TASEL® display without a cover glass (=NC) made for transparent TFEL technology with a substrate thickness of 0.7 mm. Its primary purpose is to serve as a transparent display in window laminates, e.g. windshields.

25 May 2018 Beneq

In case you have not noticed, the European Union is today introducing new data protection legislation, called the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We try to minimize the fuzz around this (in practice, nothing changes with GDPR, really), but we thought we will anyway write a short note to address the new requirements and provide you with information about the data we process.

23 May 2018 Beneq

The President of the Republic of Finland Mr Sauli Niinistö presented the eighth Millennium Technology Prize in Helsinki yesterday to Dr Tuomo Suntola, the inventor of Atomic Layer Deposition. Beneq congratulates Dr Suntola for the Millennium Technology Prize and the thanks for his pioneering work on behalf of the whole ALD community!

22 May 2018 Lumineq Displays

With Lumineq® transparent electroluminescent (TASEL®) displays, you can now design lens systems that bring digital information directly in the users’ line of sight. You have the luxury of designing binoculars and other optical devices that incorporate micro displays in the lens systems, and you don’t have to compromise on transparency or durability.

29 March 2018 Lumineq Displays

Our latest Lumineq® transparent matrix display is designed for easy in-glass display prototyping.

28 March 2018 Lumineq Displays

The side of a car is the perfect place to show service information and car diagnostics that the driver would like to see when stopping at a service station, but integrating a display in an ergonomic position has been challenging. Lumineq displays now allow you to put aside those challenges.

20 February 2018 Lumineq Displays

See exactly how transparent the most transparent displays in the world are!

15 February 2018 Lumineq Displays

Today we're talking to Joe Pimenoff, Head of Application Development at Beneq Lumineq® Displays, to get a better idea of the extreme conditions where Lumineq displays are used. What exactly are “extreme conditions”?

19 January 2018 Lumineq Displays

Seeing is believing, and only witnessing the transparent Lumineq displays in real life will make you truly appreciate the clarity and transparency of Lumineq displays. These displays really disappear when they are switched off!

21 December 2017 Lumineq Displays

A great example of the longevity and reliability of our Lumineq® thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays takes us to the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport in Finland.

8 December 2017 Lumineq Displays

The Finnish Defence Forces have initiated the HX Fighter Program, with the goal to replace the existing Finnish Air Force Boeing F/A-18 Hornet aircraft fleet by 2025. A request for Information (RFI) was sent to the governments of the UK, France, Sweden, and the USA, who in turn forwarded the RFI to their own military aviation industries.

30 November 2017 Beneq

Saturday November 18th was a big day here in Espoo. The new west metro extension from Helsinki was opened. It was a long wait, but you can now take the subway to the Beneq factory from the Helsinki city center.

Like we mentioned when the underground started to operate, our metro is yellow, but we welcome the orange one to our neighborhood.

Maybe the next generation metro cabins will have a yellow transparent display in the windshield?

13 November 2017 Lumineq Displays

It certainly looks like the benefits of in-glass laminated Lumineq displays in cockpits are increasingly appreciated in the vehicle market. Agritechnica 2017 is living proof of how the magic of transparency of Lumineq displays will be visible (and invisible) in cockpits and vehicle cabins. We have not just one new demo, but three exciting new examples of transparent display applications on display at the exhibition with our partners.

12 November 2017 Lumineq Displays

Agritechnica 2017 has started today and it really looks like a breakthrough event for transparent Lumineq displays in the cockpits of work vehicles.

We presented earlier in this blog smart windshields and smart cockpits, which are being shown for the first time in Agritechnica in Hannover during next week, but there is still more:

8 November 2017 Lumineq Displays

Agritechnica 2017 starts next Sunday in Hannover, Germany, and there is a lot to see, or as we are talking about transparent diplays: a lot to see through. Lumineq Displays is an associate supplier a cluster that will introduce the Smart CAB, a multifunctional cabin for harvesters, field sprayers and other agriculture equipment for smart farming. Lumineq Displays has worked with the cluster members to integrate transparent Lumineq displays in the cabin concept to be presented.

31 October 2017 Lumineq Displays

Transparent Lumineq displays improve safety, ergonomics and situation awareness in vehicle cockpits. Given that Lumineq displays are very rugged and tolerate extreme surroundings better than any other display type, they suit especially well driver environments where the conditions can be harsh. Great examples of smart display solutions in this application area will be presented in the upcoming Agritechnica exhibition in Hannover, Germany in November. Here is a sneak preview of one.

25 October 2017 Lumineq Displays

Transparent Lumineq displays can provide over 80% transmission values. They are ideal for delivering safety information in the line of sight, and invisible when they're not in use, so they don’t block your view. That’s Lumineq transparency!

18 September 2017 Lumineq Displays

Watches are experiencing a retro-heritage boom as the Insta generation has turned its smartphone lens to classic timepieces. Remakes of classic '50s designs are taking advantage of the retro wave, and even haute horlogerie is getting hot with younger consumers moving into the fine timepiece market.

30 August 2017 Lumineq Displays

RVs, XVs, campers, travel trailers, caravans, motor homes – thousands are on the motor home road getting away from it all. According to the RV Industry Association, a record level of 430,000 recreational vehicles (RVs) were sold in the US in 2016.*

It’s no wonder that RVs have become increasingly popular, as many of these homes on wheels are like luxury apartments that you can easily move from one superb location to another. They’re also fitted with modern technology, which is luring in buyers from younger generations.

28 August 2017 Beneq

Beneq is set for the next growth phase. We have ambitious development plans in both our business units – Thin Film Solutions and Lumineq Displays – and we are now starting a large recruitment campaign for building the talent pool we will need to realize our growth plan. Fancy a ride? Apply now and make Finnish high-tech history!

14 June 2017 Beneq

The story of Beneq is so interweaved in Finnish industry history that it is difficult to know where to start telling this tale of our company. We will start from 1984.

6 June 2017 Beneq

Beneq’s financial figures from 2016 show growth, encouraging signs of transformation, positive development in industrial ALD solutions and a strong commitment to future growth and development.

8 May 2017 Lumineq Displays

The thin, durable and transparent Lumineq displays are well-suited for a wide variety of specialty display applications. We list some of the most important characteristics that turn innovative designs with transparency requirements into reality.

24 April 2017 Beneq

The Beneq factory has a long history of ALD (approximately one billion seconds, in fact). Today, it is the largest ALD-dedicated production facility in the world.

During the years, many visitors have enjoyed our factory tour and found what we do fascinating, and all our customers and friends are always welcome to pay us a visit. We understand, however, that not everyone can come over to Finland to visit our factory, and have decided to build a virtual tour.

11 April 2017 Lumineq Displays

A three-step lamination process for integrating transparent Lumineq displays in glass: 1. Lamination Introduction Package 2. Definition of display contents 3. Creation of the production display. 

21 March 2017 Lumineq Displays

Future industrial designers from Aalto University worked with us an intensive couple of months to vision new application areas for transparent displays. The future is transparent.

7 March 2017 Lumineq Displays

Lumineq Displays will be at Embedded World 2017 to present our latest transparent and reliable display products and projects. We will also launch new products.

If you are around, make sure to drop in at our stand (Hall 1 - Stand 148).

16 February 2017 Lumineq Displays

In our previous blog post about Lumineq displays, we told that one of the three cornerstones of our display business strategy for 2017 are in-glass laminated transparent displays, which improve safety and ergonomics in cockpits and other driver environments. Today, we will take a closer look at this interesting opportunity and growth area.

15 February 2017 Beneq

At Beneq, we are constantly trying to find new ways to serve our old, new and potential customers better. This means regularly reviewing all our customer engagement points and collecting feedback about the service we offer, from sales and marketing to research and after sales services.

25 January 2017 Lumineq Displays

New year, new display applications

The beginning of the year is always a good time to plan ahead and we have recently updated our Lumineq display strategy too. Our improvement plans in the Lumineq business unit for the New Year are not about resolutions; our customer promise is to create the best optimized segmented displays for use in cockpits, to provide the world’s most reliable displays for extreme conditions, and to give our customers’ products a unique look and feel with our transparent displays. These are the cornerstones of our display business.

22 December 2016 Beneq

2016 has been an interesting year at Beneq.

1 December 2016 Beneq

Our work at Beneq is all about saving the world’s scarce resources and making long-lasting products. We are experts on smart use of materials. Conformal thin films, which are deposited atom layer by atom layer, are the ultimate precision barriers of protection. They make our customers’ products function better and last longer.

14 November 2016 Lumineq Displays

Transparent displays increase safety in cockpits and driver environments. Being able to add a see-through display in the line of sight allows new innovative instrumentation solutions.In-glass laminated HUD displays that disappear when the information is not required add value to windows, save dashboard space and improve ergonomics.

1 November 2016 Beneq

Beneq as a company is all about resource savings, durability and more efficient use of energy. We are experts on smart use of materials that make our customers’ products function better.

ALD improves the efficiency of energy production and reduces energy consumption in the world. ALD allows wiser use of precious raw materials, protects products and makes them last longer. ALD also makes electronics and optics more efficient and resilient. That saves energy too.

12 October 2016 Lumineq Displays

HUD goggles and other wearable virtual reality devices are receiving loads of attention these days, but the topic of this blog post are HUD glasses of another kind: Transparent Lumineq displays that have been laminated in or on a windscreen for showing driver information.

14 September 2016 Lumineq Displays

One of the main events in the world of transportation technology is the InnoTranstrade fair that takes places every second year in Berlin, Germany. InnoTrans 2016 is about to start and our transparent and customized Lumineq displays will once again be the eye-catchers of the show. 

Come and see new concepts of in-glass laminated transparent displays

15 August 2016 Beneq

We have talked about atomic layer deposition in industrial use on many occasions In this blog, but we haven’t yet written stories about the oldest and largest ALD use case of them all.

30 June 2016 Beneq

The ALD event of the year is approaching. As you know, Beneq is a platinum sponsor of ALD 2016 (the 16th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition), which will be held at the Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland, 24-27, July 2016.

16 May 2016 Lumineq Displays

Transparent Lumineq® TASEL® displays are the most transparent displays in the world (with a transparency of over 80%). It gives them a unique look and feel.

We haven’t met a single person yet who would not have liked that look. After the first impression (wow!), people typically start asking questions: how do they work (it is based on electroluminescence), are the contents projected (they are not), how is it possible (it is magic). And quite often after a while: where would you use them?

26 April 2016 Lumineq Displays

Earlier this year, we introduced our new custom display service that allows the Beneq customers to define their own displays and still get all the benefits of our proven and robust thin film electroluminescent display technology.

After the launch of the service, we have definitely been surprised to see how many people don’t seem to believe that you can really design your own display of any shape and have it manufactured by Beneq.

20 April 2016 Beneq

We have a lot of visitors at the Beneq factory again this week. Today started a very interesting conference where members and partners of the EU-funded PLIANT project for Process Line Implementation for Applied Surface Nanotechnologies gather at Beneq to share the latest advances in the project.

5 April 2016 Beneq
Beneq is a platinum sponsor of ALD2016

One of the main ALD events of the year, the 16th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition, ALD2016 Ireland, is approaching. Beneq is a platinum sponsor at the event and we will have lots of activity at the site and around it.

We now also know that we will have three presentations at the event. Here is a sneak preview of the contents of what we will be presenting:

Development of the world's most transparent display - enabled by ALD

22 March 2016 Lumineq Displays

A couple of weeks ago, we were hoping in this blog that spring would soon arrive and promised that the next display blog posts would be about other kind of extremes than the cold.

We take it back. The spring has not come to Finland yet (it is actually still really cold here – challenging climate, you know) so we decided to do one more post about our rugged displays in demanding conditions.

Displays for extreme cold

2 March 2016 Lumineq Displays

Spring is coming, but we still have time for one more story about our durable Lumineq displays in cold and harsh conditions. This example comes from Eurotank Oy, a long-time customer of Lumineq displays.

19 February 2016 Lumineq Displays

One of the main selling points of our rugged Lumineq displays is that they tolerate extreme cold without any heating components better than any other display type.

Recently, we received an invitation to show this in practice to some potential customers in North America. Where do you go in North America if you want to show that your displays work perfectly in the cold? Alaska, of course.

When it gets really cold LCD displays simply won’t do

16 February 2016 Lumineq Displays

The business for embedded displays has so far been defined by a limited set of display shapes and sizes. A typical design process for display products starts with a standard rectangular display and builds the product around the screen with given measurements.

Not anymore. 

Rugged and transparent Lumineq® displays in any size and shape

We are happy to introduce our new custom display service that allows our customers to design their own displays and still get all the benefits of Beneq’s proven and robust Lumineq display technology.

1 February 2016 Beneq

One of the main events in the world of atomic layer deposition this year is the 16th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition, which will be held July 24-27 in Dublin, Ireland.

Beneq will participate in ALD 2016 as a platinum sponsor. We are pleased to invite you to visit us in Dublin.

19 January 2016 Lumineq Displays

We have talked about extreme conditions in this blog many times. It is what our displays are made for. In December, we told about our Lumineq displays being installed in the Airbus A350 and mentioned that one of the business areas with the toughest requirements for displays is aviation. Turns out it was just a start…

18 December 2015 Beneq

Saving the world’s resources by miniaturizing and digitalizing everything with new solutions and innovative technologies is at the core of our thinking at Beneq.

Atomic layer deposition is about making the world thinner. It saves material. We also make electronics, optics and for example solar cells more efficient and durable. That saves energy.

Our displays are the most durable in the business. The long life cycles reduce the need for replacement parts. It saves resources too.

16 December 2015 Lumineq Displays

Given that the display electronics in our Lumineq displays have been deposited to the display board with ALD, there is not much that could break in the displays. This is why the screens handle shock and vibration very well.

The Lumineq displays have also gone through countless hours of testing in hot and cold, in vibration test beds and reliability test chambers. You can safely say that the Lumineq displays have a very long lifecycle.

15 December 2015 Lumineq Displays

At Beneq, we have always believed that our transparent TASEL displays look great. You simply don’t find anything else on the market with similar levels of transparency, resolution and viewing angles.

The thin film electroluminescent displays are well-known among engineers for their reliability, but with the transparent versions we are now seeing great interest in new customer groups, such as industrial designers and high-end product design companies.

14 December 2015 Beneq
Jukka Nieminen, President of Beneq Oy, and Sampo Ahonen, Chairman of Beneq Oy

Earlier today it was announced that Beneq will get a new President starting January 1st. You can check the facts from the official news release.

This is a big change for Beneq and all of us. Sampo has been the CEO since Beneq was founded ten years ago. As one of the founders and the first and only CEO of Beneq so far Sampo has played a crucial role in what Beneq has become. In many ways, he is the face of Beneq to the outside world.

2 December 2015 Lumineq Displays

Our Lumineq displays are ideal for extreme conditions. As there are no moving parts and no liquids – or anything else that would easily break – in our electroluminescent displays, they tolerate cold, pressure, shock and vibrations better than any other display type. This is why the black and yellow colors of our TFEL displays are known as the colors of reliability.

1 December 2015 Lumineq Displays

In a recent event where we were exhibiting our Lumineq displays, a visitor, who turned out to be an engineer from the defense sector, walked passed our stand and suddenly stopped and shouted:

“Oh, I know these displays. These black and yellow ones are the ones you can trust!”

13 November 2015 Lumineq Displays

Our totally transparent TASEL displays have been causing a stir lately among designers and manufacturers around the world. The reason is clear and easy to see (apologies - it is hard to resist these jokes): the customized see-through displays enable designers to break the boundaries of conventional displays and literally use any window surface as a visual user interface.

9 November 2015 Beneq

When you visit our factory in Espoo and enter the clean room area where we keep our 40 ALD machines, one thing you will notice is the constant ticking sound from the conventional batch ALD equipment. Those are the pulses of precursor gases in the equipment chambers ticking. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Combined with the humming background noise of the ventilation system and the vacuum pumps, it is a rather relaxing sound. It is one of the very characteristics that define the atmosphere of the factory floor.

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