20 reasons why TFEL

  1. “Instant-ON” module performance as low as -60 °C (-76 °F) means no waiting for heaters to warm a TFT AMLCD.
  2. No heaters required with TFEL  means increased product reliability and no image smear artifacts common with TFT AMLCDs used at low temperatures. Glass is functional down to -100 °C (-148 °F).
  3. Less than 1 ms response time for waveform presentation across entire temperature range.
  4. Unaffected by solar loading, glass performs beyond +100 °C (212 °F).
  5. +105 °C (221 °F) module operating temp, no cooling required, thus increasing reliability.
  6. TFEL glass has 250,000 (h) MTBF, to reduce your product’s warranty costs.
  7. 100,000 h measured brightness with less than 15% reduction. Compare to TFT AMLCD technology that can lose 15% brightness in a single year.
  8. Hermetically sealed glass and optional conformal coated circuit board outlasts all other flat panel technologies in moist or humid environments.
  9. Battery power requirements comparable to backlit TFT AMLCD.
  10. Integral Contrast Enhancement, ICEBrite™, delivers up to 1000:1 contrast ratio for daylight readability. Eliminates cost, time and hassle of bonding a TFT AMLCD for improved contrast.
  11. Crisp, single- or multicolor presentation decreases viewing time requirements to facilitate faster user perception. Ideal for healthcare, vehicle, and mission critical instrumentation.
  12. 179° vertical and horizontal viewing angles enable multi-person, off-axis viewing.
  13. Wide dimming range, doesn’t require an expensive, custom backlight inverter like TFT AMLCD.
  14. Emissive pixel technology makes small text more legible than LCDs, thus greatly improving perception.
  15. 200 g force shock durability for the glass and 100 g for the complete unit increases the dependability of your product.
  16. All solid-state, digital design eliminates backlight failures and light leakage issues common for LCDs.
  17. SPI and LVDS interfaces for easier integration.
  18. Over 30 years of product life and still going strong! Long production lifetime helps you avoid redesigns triggered by component obsolescence.
  19. RoHS II for worldwide compliance. A mercury-free product is better for the environment. Low EMI/EMC to ease certification of your product.
  20. Worldwide and domestic technical support team.

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