Smart use of materials and a more transparent new year

Beneq supports the Baltic Sea Action Group

Our work at Beneq is all about saving the world’s scarce resources and making long-lasting products. We are experts on smart use of materials. Conformal thin films, which are deposited atom layer by atom layer, are the ultimate precision barriers of protection. They make our customers’ products function better and last longer.

Our Lumineq displays are the most durable displays in the world. There are known for their long term availability and long product life. There are displays made in our factory that are over 30 years old and still in use. The long product life reduces the need for replacements, which in turn saves time and resources. Our displays are the opposite of cheap seasonal products.

We threw your present in the Baltic Sea

In the spirit of materials savings, it has become a habit at Beneq not to send out physical greeting cards or presents during the holiday season. Instead, we want to support the work for a better environment.

One obvious target that needs our help is just next to our main office in Finland: the Baltic Sea. Many of us see it every day on our work to work. The sea is also one of the natural environments for our products.

Sadly, the Baltic Sea is not as crystal-clear as our displays and not as transparent as our coatings. In fact, it is mostly not clear and transparent at all. Excess nutrient loads in the sea have increased algal growth, which consumes more oxygen, reduces water transparency and causes the death of vegetation and fish in the bottom. The Baltic Sea has many large marine dead zones.

This holiday season we support the Baltic Sea Action Group, which works to restore the good ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. It would make us very happy, if they succeed in making the sea transparent again.

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