Merry Solutions for the Sea

And a Happy New Layer of Time!

Beneq is a smart materials company that is all about durability and long product lifecycles. It is in our blood to always optimize the use of raw materials and not to create unnecessary waste.

Furthermore, Beneq was born global and almost all our turnover still comes from outside Finland. Our customers have always been from the world over and from many different cultures.

Even if we here at the land of Santa Claus are now preparing for Christmas holidays, we know very well that our customers and partners may celebrate their holiday at different times. It does not make much sense for an international customer-driven company to send Christmas cards.

We made the Baltic Sea a gift out of thin air

In this spirit, it has become a tradition here at Beneq not to spend money on physical Christmas greetings. Instead, we have again donated to the Baltic Sea Action Group to support their work to restore the good ecological balance of the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea needs our help. We all need oxygen to survive, and the Baltic Sea is no exception. Given that our displays are perfect for the maritime environment and our factory is next to the sea, the Baltic Sea is a natural target for our support. We have given the Baltic Sea a gift of air. We want the sea to be transparent again!

Happy Holidays for everybody!

Even the New Year is at different times in different cultures. Especially now when our company has new owners from Asia and we plan our future actions together, we have been reminded about how festivities come and go, and holiday preparations are always in progress in some part of world.

It is almost as if the new year, too, comes in layers and is made of different materials. Just like our precise and flexible ALD coatings!

So, while we are planning a holiday break here at our headquarters, we wish a Merry Christmas to all those of you celebrate it with a Santa from Finland and happy holidays to everybody else.

We also wish a successful New Year to all our partners, regardless of when it starts for you. We know already now that our new year will be an interesting one. We hope you all will have a great next layer of time, too.

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