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The fastest growing business area for Beneq right now is our Coating Services. It is the easiest way to get a new conformal coating to the market. It suits well customers who are looking for a thin film solution without initial capital investments. It has also proven to be successful among customers who want to test drive ALD and pilot thin film coating production, as well as customers with special components that need to be coated in smaller volumes or require unusual coating equipment.

30 years of ALD experience means a lot of coatings

At Beneq, we have implemented a larger variety of ALD applications than any other company. And when we say “variety”, we truly mean a broad selection of different coatings. We have experience of all kinds. We do barriers, encapsulation, anti-corrosion coatings, optical coatings, anti-tarnish protection, glass strengthening, catalytic coatings (which often act as barriers too), surface modifications, conductive coatings, insulators, reflectors…

Glass, OLEDs, electronics, silver, machine parts…

Interesting applications, but what kind of products would the coatings be used for, you may now ask. What kind of products are typically coated at the Beneq factory?

Well, we have coated low-e glass, electronic components, printed circuit boards, sensors, electrolytic cells and electrodes, cover glasses for consumer electronics, gas chromatography components, semiconductor tool parts, scintillators, watch parts, jewelry, coins, medals, implants, lenses, medical components, ceramic materials, diffraction gratings, fuel cells, electroplating masks, print heads, various MEMS components, electrochromic glass, thermal conductivity pad fillers, all kinds of mirrors, 3D optical components, and OLED displays. You tell us what is typical…

Films, particles, wafers, solar cells, battery components…

Want more examples? We have also coated nanocellulose films, wire grid polarizers, CMOS detectors, capacitors, resistive sensors, electrodes in batteries, SOI wafers, microchannel plates, automotive battery parts, photoconducting detectors, medical needles, solar cell panels, food packaging films and other protective materials, probes, memory components, textiles, microfluidic analysis chips, infrared and x-ray detectors, biodegradable polymer films, cardiovascular components, camera parts, molds and flexible TFT backplanes.

Barriers, passivation, filters, mirrors, material improvements…

Some more applications cases? Tribological coatings, anti-wear, low friction, surface smoothening, phosphor layers, mirrors, IR filters, particle fastening, particle coating, chemical barriers, surface passivation, supercapacitors, ion barriers, dielectric layers, oxidation retardant coatings and oxygen barriers, interface layers, emissive and resistive layers, anti-reflective coatings, biocompatible ALD films, decorative coatings…

You name it, we coat it!

If you read this far, you can probably guess the point we are trying to make: If you are looking for any kind of barrier coating or advanced thin film solution, the Beneq factory, the Home of ALD, is the place to go to. It is the one-stop shop for any ALD application you may ever need.

And if you are not yet convinced or absolutely sure if Beneq Coating Services is the right solution for you, we can also help you with proof of concepts, coating samples and outsourced thin film R&D. Our ALD-123™ development process has been designed for finding a customized solution for any coating challenge.

If you fancy a new coat, Beneq is where you get it from.

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