Lumineq displays for aeronautics


Displaying information clearly is obviously of the utmost importance.

In aircrafts, the pilot and co-pilot need to see crucial information quickly, and the best place to show that information is in the cockpit window. Lumineq® transparent displays are ideal especially for delivering safety information; a warning sign is easy to see when it’s in the line of sight.

And our transparent displays are invisible when they're not in use, so they don't take up space or block the view.

New aviation design with transparent displays

With the gradual electrification of transportation, aircraft design too will need to look for more lightweight structures. This also means that all aircraft components will need to be carefully weighed.

Our in-glass laminated transparent displays save in interior mechanics, especially in the cockpit, as the displays can be placed inside the windows. There's no excess weight, and no clutter.

Durable displays for rough conditions

Displaying information clearly is of the utmost importance on the outside of the aircraft also.

Our Lumineq thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays tolerate high impacts and high altitudes, making them perfect for displaying information on the outside control panel of the Airbus A350!

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