• Metro comes to Beneq!

    November 18th is a big day in Espoo. You can now take the metro to Beneq. Our metro is yellow as our transparent Lumineq displays (made in Niittykumpu), but we congratulate the city of Espoo (and Helsinki too) for the orange one.

    You can now take the metro to the Beneq factory and headquarters. Our stop is Niittykumpu.
  • Beneq TFS 200 and FBR in action!


    When you want to protect materials such as fine powders from humidity, moisture, and corrosion, you'll want to choose the best fluidized bed reactor (FBR) available.

    The Beneq ALD FBR (new features under patenting) is the only reactor type that delivers conformal coating for single particles combined with the hot wall ALD. The particle mass is kept in a fluid state by using not one, but two methods - by carrier gas and by mechanical vibration.

    Watch the Beneq TFS 200 and FBR fluidization process in action in this sand fluidization clip!

  • Lumineq Lamination Introduction Package

    In-glass laminated Lumineq displays improve safety and ergonomics in cockpits and other driver environments. The lamination endeavor usually starts with a pilot using what we at Lumineq Displays call the “LIP”, short for Lamination Introduction Package. In this video, we take a closer look at the benefits of in-glass laminated displays and the contents of LIP, the Lumineq Lamination Introduction Package. 

    Our guide will be Dr Olli Pekonen, who is the product manager for our laminated windshield displays.

  • Lumineq transparent HUD display demo in car environment

    Lumineq® TASEL® displays are the most transparent displays in the world. They are the only transparent displays on the market you really can see through. They are also, thanks to their ruggedness, very suitable for applications including wear and tear, as well as harsh ambient conditions.

    Transparent displays improve ergonomics of cockpits and driver environments. Laminating transparent displays reduce clutter in the cockpit and allows clearer view of the surroundings.


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