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13 November 2017 Blog post

It certainly looks like the benefits of in-glass laminated Lumineq displays in cockpits are increasingly appreciated in the vehicle market. Agritechnica 2017 is living proof of how the magic of transparency of Lumineq displays will be visible (and invisible) in cockpits and vehicle cabins. We have not just one new demo, but three exciting new examples of transparent display applications on display at the exhibition with our partners.

12 November 2017 Blog post

Agritechnica 2017 has started today and it really looks like a breakthrough event for transparent Lumineq displays in the cockpits of work vehicles.

We presented earlier in this blog smart windshields and smart cockpits, which are being shown for the first time in Agritechnica in Hannover during next week, but there is still more:

8 November 2017 Blog post

Agritechnica 2017 starts next Sunday in Hannover, Germany, and there is a lot to see, or as we are talking about transparent diplays: a lot to see through. Lumineq Displays is an associate supplier a cluster that will introduce the Smart CAB, a multifunctional cabin for harvesters, field sprayers and other agriculture equipment for smart farming. Lumineq Displays has worked with the cluster members to integrate transparent Lumineq displays in the cabin concept to be presented.

31 October 2017 Blog post

Transparent Lumineq displays improve safety, ergonomics and situation awareness in vehicle cockpits. Given that Lumineq displays are very rugged and tolerate extreme surroundings better than any other display type, they suit especially well driver environments where the conditions can be harsh. Great examples of smart display solutions in this application area will be presented in the upcoming Agritechnica exhibition in Hannover, Germany in November. Here is a sneak preview of one.

11 April 2017 Blog post

A three-step lamination process for integrating transparent Lumineq displays in glass: 1. Lamination Introduction Package 2. Definition of display contents 3. Creation of the production display. 

13 March 2017 News

The world’s most reliable displays just got even better.

Lumineq displays are known for their excellent readability, long product life and long-term availability for a wide range of demanding applications – on land, at sea and in the air.

In Embedded World 2017, Beneq introduced new Lumineq display products with unsurpassed temperature ranges and widely supported interfaces.

25 January 2017 Blog post

New year, new display applications

The beginning of the year is always a good time to plan ahead and we have recently updated our Lumineq display strategy too. Our improvement plans in the Lumineq business unit for the New Year are not about resolutions; our customer promise is to create the best optimized segmented displays for use in cockpits, to provide the world’s most reliable displays for extreme conditions, and to give our customers’ products a unique look and feel with our transparent displays. These are the cornerstones of our display business.

14 November 2016 Blog post

Transparent displays increase safety in cockpits and driver environments. Being able to add a see-through display in the line of sight allows new innovative instrumentation solutions.In-glass laminated HUD displays that disappear when the information is not required add value to windows, save dashboard space and improve ergonomics.

12 October 2016 Blog post

HUD goggles and other wearable virtual reality devices are receiving loads of attention these days, but the topic of this blog post are HUD glasses of another kind: Transparent Lumineq displays that have been laminated in or on a windscreen for showing driver information.

14 September 2016 Blog post

One of the main events in the world of transportation technology is the InnoTranstrade fair that takes places every second year in Berlin, Germany. InnoTrans 2016 is about to start and our transparent and customized Lumineq displays will once again be the eye-catchers of the show. 

Come and see new concepts of in-glass laminated transparent displays

15 August 2016 Blog post

We have talked about atomic layer deposition in industrial use on many occasions In this blog, but we haven’t yet written stories about the oldest and largest ALD use case of them all.

7 June 2016 News

Lumineq leadership strengthened with Petri Schroderus

Beneq, the leading global supplier of atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment and thin film coating services, and world's premier manufacturer of thin film electroluminescent displays, today announced further investments and focus on transparent Lumineq displays and the appointment of Petri Schroderus as Vice President.

16 May 2016 Blog post

Transparent Lumineq® TASEL® displays are the most transparent displays in the world (with a transparency of over 80%). It gives them a unique look and feel.

We haven’t met a single person yet who would not have liked that look. After the first impression (wow!), people typically start asking questions: how do they work (it is based on electroluminescence), are the contents projected (they are not), how is it possible (it is magic). And quite often after a while: where would you use them?

20 April 2016 News

Beneq Introduces a New Way of Operating and a Company-wide Operations Unit
Beneq changes organization according to its strategy by forming an Operations unit
common to both businesses (Thin Film Equipment and Lumineq Displays). The Operations unit will be responsible for product manufacturing, delivery, procurement and related sales operations. Growth is seen especially within Coating Services and Custom Displays.
Operations will support Beneq’s change by focusing especially on:
1) the Coating Services delivery process

19 February 2016 Blog post

One of the main selling points of our rugged Lumineq displays is that they tolerate extreme cold without any heating components better than any other display type.

Recently, we received an invitation to show this in practice to some potential customers in North America. Where do you go in North America if you want to show that your displays work perfectly in the cold? Alaska, of course.

When it gets really cold LCD displays simply won’t do

18 February 2016 News

Custom Lumineq displays are made to measure.

The business for embedded displays has been defined by the limited set of display shapes and sizes. A typical design process for display products starts with a standard rectangular display and builds the product around the screen with given measurements.

Not anymore.

Custom Lumineq® displays for demanding end-product specifications

22 October 2015 News

As Beneq continues to expand its business of Lumineq® displays for extreme conditions, there is a growing need for wider distribution of the company’s rugged thin film electroluminescence (TFEL) displays as well as the fully transparent TASEL® displays, which have a substantial installed base and range of interesting future applications in the defense, transportation outdoor instrumentation and medical electronics markets.

22 October 2015 News


为了让更多人知道TFEL显示屏坚固、超宽温、可适用于恶劣环境的独特性能及TASEL独一无二的透明性,Beneq与America II Electronics签署了合作代理协议。America II将代理Lumineq线下的所有显示产品,并提供团队和技术支持,尽全力提供客制化服务。

“由于Lumineq显示屏业务的不断增长,我们需要加强我们的渠道和代理商网络,这样才能更好地为老客户和潜在的新客户提供技术和售后服务。我荣幸地欢迎America II Electronics加入Lumineq全球代理商团队。相信我们两家强强联手,能将这独特的视觉体验融入更多样化的产品和应用领域。”Beneq销售和市场副总监Jukka Nieminen先生这样说到。

12 August 2015 News

2015年8月1日起,Thomas Koch先生被任命为Lumineq 显示部门的区域销售总监,负责中欧和南欧两大区域的销售。


Thomas Koch在显示行业拥有25年的资深经验。凭借丰富的产品技术和纯熟的商业营销手段,他将进一步提升Lumineq在欧洲的知名度,并为客户带去最优质的服务。



6 August 2015 News

Mr Thomas Koch has been appointed Area Sales Director for Lumineq Displays as of August 1st, 2015. Mr Koch’s area of sales responsibility is Central and Southern Europe.

Following the steadily increasing interest towards Lumineq display products, both non-transparent and transparent, and in order to better serve customers, both existing and new, Lumineq Displays is strengthening its sales force.

4 June 2015 News

2015年19日,Lumineq 在芬兰Espoo举行了第三次全球代理商大会。此会议为期两天。代理商们从世界各地齐聚一堂,讨论公司这一年的不凡成绩,更见证了Lumineq最新款EL40S字段显示屏和EL640.480-AA1多色点阵显示屏的诞生。



Lumineq美国分部销售技术总监Scott Vahlsing说:“EL40S显示屏凭借其高亮和字段技术,提供了无与伦比的可靠性。我已经迫不及待要将这款新屏带入美国市场。EL40S卓越的稳定性能为恶劣环境下的操作提供了完美的解决方案。”

2 June 2015 News

On May 19 and 20, 2015, Lumineq hosted its third annual Distributor Meeting at the Lumineq Displays facilities in Espoo, Finland. Distributors gathered from all parts of the world to meet and discuss the strengthened global presence of the company and to see Lumineq’s recently launched EL40S segmented display and the EL640.480-AA1 color matrix display.

12 May 2015 News



“现在,有了这款能完美代替老版本的AA1,我们就能更好地支持客户终端,延长其产品和应用项目的周期。”Lumineq产品经理Ari Tervonen这样说道。


7 May 2015 News

Continuing the company’s exceptional commitment to extending a product’s lifetime, Lumineq® is offering a limited edition of drop-in replacement units for the previous generation of the colored EL640.480-AA1 display. This enables customers to further lengthen the lifetime of their existing applications and fulfill any service obligations from unforeseen external circumstances.

16 April 2015 News

当一项工作需要即时准确的决策-运营商们需要一目了然的信息。无论是可视距离内还是超大的视角,显示屏领域尚未可靠地实现这个需求,直至Lumineq EL40S 的问世。


这就是为什么Lumineq EL40S在显示领域带来了可读性的新革命:

无与伦比的可读性 – 在任何恶劣工作环境下,都能轻松阅读Lumineq EL40S所显示的内容。我们所展示的可读性能是业内前所未有的新水平。

无与伦比的清晰度,亮度,对比度- 避免了传统显示屏受白天和夜间光线影响清晰度不足的缺点。从零下60度到零上85度,EL40S始终保持其高亮及清晰度。

远距离观看也一目了然-20米甚至更远的距离, EL40S呈现的内同依然清晰易读。无论是是倾斜或是大角度观看,只需要快速一瞥便可掌握重要信息。

16 April 2015 News

Jukka Nieminen先生被任命为Beneq公司市场销售及业务发展部门副总裁。Nieminen先生将负责薄膜设备和Lumineq显示器这两大业务的执行销售工作。

Jukka Nieminen(科技硕士)在策划,执行和运营国际领先的技术驱动型业务方面有相当丰富的经验。他曾任职于包括Kaukomarkkinat 公司(市场营销总监),Rehau公司(市场营销总监), NAPS 系统公司(总裁兼首席执行官),Marioff公司(副总裁)和Nextrom 公司(总经理),具有相当丰富的国际化商务运作经验和宝贵的职业背景。

“Jukka将全力以赴我们薄膜设备和Lumineq显示器两大业务部门的全球销售和客户服务工作。这个职位要求资深的技术型销售且具有丰富的项目管理经验,并对客户的需求有深刻的了解。Jukka的知识技能使他成为这个职位的不二人选。新职位的首要目标是提高销售业绩和客户服务的品质。我们热烈欢迎Jukka加入Beneq团队。”Beneq首席执行官Sampo Ahonen先生说。

11 April 2015 News

When a job requires immediate and accurate decisions – operators need information at a glance. Even at a safe distance – or from an extreme angle. Until now, displays haven't been reliable enough to handle such requirements. That is – until Lumineq EL40S.

The Lumineq EL40S display is the result of years of experience and feedback from the field. Today’s operators need to be more efficient, precise as well as stay safe in all demanding work conditions.

That’s why Lumineq EL40S is creating a new revolution in readability:

20 January 2015 News

Mr Jukka Nieminen has been appointed Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Beneq. Mr Nieminen will hold executive responsibility for sales in both business units of Beneq, i.e., Thin Film Equipment and Lumineq Displays.

9 December 2014 News

North America is one of the key market areas for Lumineq Displays, with a substantial installed base in the defense, instrumentation and medical electronics markets. As sales to North America continue to grow, Lumineq Displays has selected Sensible Micro Corporation and Braemac CA as its first distributors for the US, Canada and Mexico.

4 December 2014 News


美国陆军协会 (AUSA) 2014 是Lumineq 显示器在全球国防工业极端环境军事用途方面的首次亮相,也是其TASEL显示器在军事环境中的初次曝光。美国陆军协会年度会议每年10月召开以展示行业中的新兴技术,是北美最大的陆地实力的博览会和专业发展论坛。

参观者们都急切地想要了解 Lumineq是如何将其薄膜电致发光(TFEL)显示器的坚固耐用,技术能力和稳定可靠上升到一个新的层次。目前,已经有超过3百万的薄膜电致发光显示器被用于军事,医疗,户外仪器仪表,交通等领域和其他极端恶劣的环境应用。


26 November 2014 News

This year from Oct 13-15, Lumineq Displays showed its full spectrum of non-transparent and transparent products to an AUSA audience in Washington DC that was captivated by its technology. The next stop to awe the crowds was Electronica 2014 in Munich, the world’s leading fair for components, systems and applications.

12 June 2014 News

As of Thursday, June 12, 2014, Beneq’s facilities in Vantaa will join Lumineq Displays on its premises in Espoo, Finland.

Now for the first time, Beneq Thin Film Equipment and Beneq Lumineq® Displays will be under the same roof, enabling the two complementary entities to take greater advantage from their synergies.

The Espoo plant in Finland, the biggest concentration of ALD equipment in the world, will be the place that combines the vivid past, present and future of ALD.

16 April 2014 News

To kick off 2014, Lumineq® Displays showed off its transparent TASEL® and TFEL range of unique display products to interested buyers around the world at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, and at the massive FPD show in Shanghai, China. Right before this year’s exhibition season began, Lumineq Displays also entered a significant cooperation agreement with i-sft of Germany, a solution provider of flat panel technologies for demanding display applications.

16 April 2014 News




“在展会上参观者异乎寻常的兴趣证明了我们正确的发展方向以及Lumineq显示器成为嵌入式电子科技展上最热门的产品。”倍耐克副总裁和Lumineq显示器首席执行官,Jare-Pekka Tiesmaki先生说。

13 March 2014 News

2014.1.30, Espoo



在Lumineq显示器的展台,TASEL显示器很可能由于它独特的窗口和显示性能抢尽风头, 这些产品把挑剔的消费者带到了率先领略透明设计的新纪元。

Lumineq 透明的TASEL显示器提供了独特的整洁视图和关键信息完美组合。

TFEL 系列产品将呈现它们的耐用性和坚固性,这使之超过3百万台的显示器被应用在北极气田油田,潜艇,医疗设备,装甲车,火车,和许多条件严格的应用方案中。

30 January 2014 News

Espoo, January 30th, 2014

From February 25 – 27, Lumineq® Displays will be exhibiting its latest transparent electroluminescent TASEL displays and thin film electroluminescent TFEL displays at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, for the second year in a row. We are looking forward to meeting you at our stand: Hall 1, Booth 1-148.

22 August 2013 News

Espoo, August 22nd, 2013

As of June 2013, Lumineq® Displays has now established a complete and independent organization for the sales of thin film electroluminescent displays (TFEL) and transparent electroluminescent displays (TASEL) in the US that is fully ready to serve customers throughout North America.

22 August 2013 News



新的运行机构位于佐治亚州的杜鲁斯,亚特兰大市的北郊,负责所有美国、加拿大、墨西哥的销售。销售团队包含Jari Hurttia先生 、Brad Aitchison先生、 Scott Vahlsing先生。办公地点配套有仓库。

公司副总裁兼Lumineq产品事业部总监 Jari-Pekka Tiesmäki先生说“ 对于一些成熟的在北美市场有竞争力的产品,我们要增大保障。这些产品将成为在这里的增长点,尤其在政府、汽车、医疗、造船、石油仪器、自动化控制和人机界面(HMI)市场部分。”




1 July 2013 News

Espoo, July 1st 2013

From June 10 – 11, 2013, distributors from around the world were able to meet each other and the new, extended team behind the Lumineq® Displays business in Espoo, Finland. This is the first meeting of its kind in that it was exclusively dedicated to the distributors in the thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) business. Even more important, this was an opportunity for all to come together under the one Lumineq brand name.

1 July 2013 News




“会议是一个很好的平台让大家可以面对面的相互了解,为Lumineq事业传达对用户的承诺和Lumineq显示屏事业的持续性。”副总裁 Jari-Pekka Tiesmäki 说道。“我们和参会的代理商相处的很愉快,让我们对不同的市场区域有了最深入的见解和对全部业务的核心有了更好的解读。我们现在已经开足马力向前推进,了解彼此更多同时以我们在TFEL方面的专长期待一个非常有希望的未来。”


30 May 2013 News

Espoo, May 30th 2013

Mr Yuri Kochanov has been appointed Country Manager of OOO Beneq as of May 20, 2013. Together with his team in Russia, the recently opened Beneq subsidiary in Saint Petersburg is ready to serve customers with a complete palette of Lumineq displays, thin film coating services and thin film coating equipment.

30 May 2013 News

2013年5月20日,Yuri Kochanov 先生被任命为倍耐克公司驻俄罗斯区域经理。近期,他和他的团队在圣彼得堡开设了分支来为客户提供全面的Lumineq产品以及镀膜服务和镀膜设备。


“我们很高兴Yuri Kochanov 加入我们团队并负责俄罗斯的业务。我们希望在该市场增大知名度,成为工业生产和实验室设备供应商的领导者在纳米级薄膜功能性镀膜领域。Yuri 拥有俄罗斯人的背景、在高科技类行业国际销售和市场职位的经历优势、高端业务运营的管理经验。”CEO Sampo Ahonen 先生说道。

在新职位履职的初期,Yuri Kochanov 主要针对促进最技术在俄罗斯市场的销售。
“我已经接受倍耐克公司的区域经理职位,倍耐克公司的技术和产品在不同的运用领域是真正的突破而这能给我们在俄罗斯的客户创造更多的机会,倍耐克的新技术和现有产品有巨大的市场需求,对倍耐克与俄罗斯有产品开发需求的工业运用类企业的合作有很大的潜力。”Yuri Kochanov

24 April 2013 News


Lumineq 透明电致发光显示屏(TASEL)在追求独特和出众的工业设计师和高端产品制造商间引起一片哗然。TASEL显示技术是基于30年经验和3百万使用量的成熟技术。无与伦比的光学质量和清晰让TASEL在众多透明屏中独一无二。




24 April 2013 News

Espoo, April 24th 2013

Lumineq transparent electroluminescent displays (TASEL) are creating a buzz among industrial designers and producers of high-end applications who are looking for unique ways to make their products stand out. TASEL displays are based on 30 years of proven manufacturing experience and 3 million display deliveries. What makes TASEL different from other transparent display technologies is the unparalleled optical quality and clarity.

18 March 2013 News


在2月份的纽伦堡的Embedded Word 2013展会上,Lumineq的显示屏受到了热烈欢迎,不管是透明还是非透明屏,这里不仅对服务现有市场意义重大而且拥有巨大数量的潜在新机会。

倍耐克公司很自豪地对透明电致发光显示屏(TFEL)推出Lumineq品牌在第一次正式参加Embeded Word 2013上,这是针对嵌入式电子元件、系统和应用的一个国际性的贸易博览会,举办地在德国的纽伦堡,从2月26日到2月28日。本次博览会同样为在27日的Lumineq的一级供应商聚会提供了机会。

据Embedded Word 2013 登记数据,超过900个参展商和超过22500名观众来着58个国家。这里Lumineq初次露面就得到如此巨大市场的认可。在这3天的展会期间,新品牌TFEL透明电致发光显示屏(TASEL)从收到了从不同的客户处多于200个书面意向,为将来扩大影响力和知名度,Lumineq已经是 Embedded Display会议的赞助商。

18 March 2013 News

Espoo, March 18th 2013

Based on the excited welcome Beneq’s Lumineq displays received at Embedded World in Nuremberg in February this year, there is a significant existing market to serve and an immense amount of potential for new applications, both for non-transparent and transparent displays.

4 February 2013 News

Espoo, February 4th 2013

With Beneq’s acquisition of the thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) business from US Planar Systems, Inc., the factory located in Olarinluoma, Finland, has become the largest in the world for atomic layer deposition (ALD) enabled products.

4 February 2013 News


随着倍耐克公司收购美国平达系统公司(Planar Systems,Inc.,)薄膜电致发光(TFEL)业务,位于芬兰Olarinluoma的工厂成为世界上最大的原子层积应用类产品工厂。


“我们Lumineq工厂有提供客户24/7不间断生产服务的能力,工业规模化的能力及专攻用ALD技术发现和解决任何薄膜方面的问题。”CEO Sampo Ahonen说道。“Lumineq 人和产品对客户建造了一个坚固可靠的实体的口碑。这是让他们在该领域领先的关键。


3 December 2012 News

Espoo, December 3rd 2012

3 December 2012 News

Espoo, December 3rd 2012

On November 30th 2012, Beneq announced the acquisition of the Finnish-based electro-luminescence (EL) business from US Planar Systems, Inc., a global leader in digital display technology. The name of the new business unit, Lumineq, stands for Beneq’s strong commitment to thin film electroluminescence (TFEL) technology and the industrial production of other ALD (atomic layer deposition) enabled products. These products will be offered in addition to Beneq’s existing product portfolio.

3 December 2012 News



“本次收购顺理成章的体现了倍耐克公司下一步策略--让ALD技术实现工业化生产。让我们产品范围从世界领先的ALD技术设备延伸到相关产品。”倍耐克公司CEO Sampo Ahonen 说道,本次收购也同样意味着倍耐克获得了世界上最大的ALD技术支撑的生产工厂和它的镀膜能力。




3 December 2012 News



                                      Lumineq TFEL 显示屏:EL 640.200-SK

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