Aerosol thin film technology

Aerosol thin film technology

Industrial scalability and quality of spin coating at atmospheric pressure

Beneq nFOG™ aerosol thin film coating is an advanced wet film coating technology for deposition of wet-based chemistries at room temperature. It provides an energy efficient and cost-effective high-quality deposition technology alternative, which is not limited by scalability issues. Beneq nFOG also solves another major issue of industrial production of high-quality thin films – with Beneq’s nFOG technology, vacuum production is no longer needed.

Benefits of Beneq nFOG aerosol thin film technology:

  • Industrial scalability – same technology from research to full-scale production

  • Coating quality that exceeds other wet film coating technologies

  • Deposition rates of the best industrial coating processes with lower cost of ownership

  • Simple process in room temperature without vacuum

  • Compatible with a large variety of source materials

Flexible coating process

The nFOG technology can be used in either sheet-to-sheet mode or in continuous mode (float, roll-to-roll). The deposition is contact free, which allows for the deposition of highly sensitive and even slightly curved and structured substrates. Also multi-component atomization and wet-on-wet layers can be deposited with the nFOG technology.

The deposition process is based on natural settling of tiny droplets on the substrate. Gravitational settling produces a highly uniform wet layer that is cured after the deposition in order to finalize the coating. The process is compatible with virtually any liquid precursor.

Application areas of Beneq aerosol coating 

Beneq nFOG aerosol thin film coating offers a combination that cannot be achieved with any other wet film coating technology - the quality of spin coating with the scalability of spray coating.

The Beneq nFOG technology has been successfully used for producing anti-reflective coatings, protective coatings, hydrophobic coatings, anti-fog coatings and hydrophilic coatings on a multitude of substrate materials of all sizes. The technology also excels at depositing carbon nanotubes.

Aerosol coating compared to other thin film coating technologies

Beneq nFOG Aerosol vs

Beneq Aerosol thin film coating offers


Similar precursor compatibility

Superior coating uniformity

Smaller surface pressure to substrate


Similar coating uniformity

Superior industrial scalability


Similar coating uniformity

Superior industrial scalability

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