Thin as a Service

Aerosol-123 - Customized aerosol thin film solutions

The Beneq aerosol team has developed several unique aerosol coating technologies. The same team is now at your disposal to develop your own customized aerosol thin film coating solution.

No matter what you thin film coating challenge is, our aerosol service team with its extensive experience from industrial wet film coatings will be happy to start a joint program to solve it.

Faster time to market with aerosol thin film solutions

Together with the Beneq Services team you can get to market faster while maintaining control over the risks and costs of development.

Beneq's Thin as a Service™ is the most cost-efficient way to develop and scale up a thin film solution for a specific industrial application. The service concept provides you with clear milestones from the first contact to a viable industrial aerosol coating solution.

Whether you looking for a specific solution for a new kind of anti-reflective coating, need thin film coating equipment for a new material or for a structured or even curved substrates, or simply want to move from old-school spin coating solutions to an industrial-level thin film coating solution, we can help with your challenge.

You name it, we coat it!

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