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Atomic layer deposition, ALD, enables completely new innovative products and coatings that would not be possible with any other technology. The Beneq factory is where atomic layer deposition was applied in industrial production for the first time.

No matter what the shape of your product or the kind of coating you need to improve its performance, Beneq thin film equipment and coating services make it thinner and faster – and pixel perfect every time. You name it, we coat it!



Latest Thin film news

  • 8 Mar
    • Equipment
    In addition to the popular ALD research tools Beneq is known for, we have a strong focus on high-capacity industrial...
  • 17 Feb
    • Equipment
    Beneq specializes in high-capacity and high-throughput ALD solutions. In the past, we have talked about how our new...
  • 8 Nov
    • Equipment
    Ever since we earlier this year announced the licensing of rotary spatial ALD technology and launched Beneq R11, our...
  • 1 Nov
    • Beneq
    Beneq as a company is all about resource savings, durability and more efficient use of energy. We are experts on...

Contact Beneq

Contact Beneq

Thin as a Service™

If you want to improve your products with Atomic Layer Deposition, selecting the right partner is easy: Beneq brings you over thirty years of thin film experience and the world’s largest ALD-dedicated production facility.

Thin as a Service™ is Beneq’s complete thin film service solution that provides you with a quick and easy way to implement a new coating solution from the first samples to full-blown production.

Faster, easier and less risky

Beneq Services will support you through the whole process of finding a commercially viable thin film solution for any challenge you may have.

Whether you need ALD samples, a proof of concept with your specific application requirements, or quality equipment for full-blown ALD production, we’ve got it all.

You name it, we coat it!

Together we will find the right process, chemistry and application for any specific coating challenge you may have. Depending on your needs, we will also provide you with production equipment you can count on or book you production capacity from our own ALD factory.

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