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Welcome to the Beneq Thin Film Research pages!

In this area, we have collected ALD and aerosol coating research information, from our own science letters and thin film research equipment to links to ALD research and publications performed with Beneq ALD equipment elsewhere.

We hope you find the pages useful. We plan to add more material here continuously. We invite you to come back and check the latest news regularly. If you have any feedback or ideas about what else we should present on these pages, please let us know.

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Research With Beneq Equipment

Beneq is a leading provider of thin film research equipment and ALD reactors for research and development purposes. A multitude of universities and industrial research laboratories use Beneq equipment for advanced thin film research every day.

On this listing, we have collected examples of academic research perfomed with Beneq equipment around the world. The list is by no means complete. If you have used Beneq reactors in your own research or know publications that include research with Beneq ALD or aerosol thin film equipment that are missing from the list, please let us know. We would happy to update the list accordingly.


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