Beneq offers ALD equipment and services for a multitude of optical coating applications.


The are several reasons for using ALD in optical and photonics applications and optoelectronics. Firstly, ALD enables coating objects that are difficult or impossible to coat by other methods. Secondly, ALD gives you free hands to engineer novel optical materials. Thirdly, the accuracy of the film thickness in ALD is usually 0.2 to 12 Å, depending on the material.

ALD coatings are completely conformal and pinhole-free, making them especially suitable for barriers and passivation layers. Beneq’s range of ALD equipment coupled with our long experience offers many possible applications of thin film coatings on various optical elements. ALD technology allows for precise control of film thickness which makes it optimal to use in optical coatings where films are required to be thicker.

The examples of ALD applications in optics range from anti-reflective coatings for objects of any shape and lenses in laser optics to many kinds of reflective coatings and filters.

Application examples

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