Beneq is the world leader in ALD-based anti-tarnish coatings.

Anti-tarnish Coatings

Beneq is the world leader in ALD-based anti-tarnish coatings with years of experience and proven performance in industrial high-capacity anti-tarnish applications.

Beneq’s nSILVER® anti-tarnish solution for silver provides invisible tarnish resistance improvement with safe coating materials and low operating costs in a full solution package for mint and jewelry manufacturers around the world. nSILVER has been subjected to numerous industrially acknowledged anti-tarnish tests, and the results have been overwhelmingly impressive.

In addition to nSILVER, which was originally developed and optimized for anti-tarnish protection of silver, Beneq has also developed special coatings to protect copper and gold.

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