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New and improved Lumineq EL40 S displays now available

Given that the display electronics in our Lumineq displays have been deposited to the display board with ALD, there is not much that could break in the displays. This is why the screens handle shock and vibration very well.

The Lumineq displays have also gone through countless hours of testing in hot and cold, in vibration test beds and reliability test chambers. You can safely say that the Lumineq displays have a very long lifecycle.

Sometimes it still happens that our displays surprise even ourselves. This happened last month when we were testing our EL40 S display we launched earlier this year. So we decided to upgrade and re-launch the product with a new, even tougher, specification.

Special campaign for the even tougher Lumineq EL40 S

In the vibration tests, it turned out that the EL40S displays passed with flying colors on an even higher level than we originally thought (the vibration durability value now is 0.20 g²/Hz, ASD level 5-500 Hz instead 0.05 g²/Hz, ASD level 5-500 Hz – if you are interested in what this means in detail, how it is measured or why the unit is so strange, our product managers will be happy to go into details with you).

The EL40 S is the display of choice when the job requires quick decisions in rough conditions and you need reliable information at a glance – even at a distance or from an extreme angle.

The displays are available now and already shipping. We have a special campaign for those who order before January 15th, 2016. Please get in touch with our sales operations team if you want to know more.

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