Beneq company milestones

Company milestones

Despite the fairly short history of Beneq, many important milestones have been achieved on the path from technology start-up to a fast growing company addressing global markets. In the following, the key milestones are summarized from past to present.

2016 One Beneq

  • Completion of the displays business acquisition with a merger of Beneq Products Oy and Beneq Oy
  • Introduction of Custom Display Services
  • New Operations unit to manage growth of Coating Services and Custom Display Services 
  • Introduction of several new high capacity spatial ALD concepts
  • Turnover 22.2 M€
  • 124 employees

    2015 Large-area industrial ALD and In-glass laminated displays 

    • New Coating Services unit for developing new services and for growing the outsourced thin film coating business
    • New Development Services unit and the launch of the ALD-123™ process for a fast way from samples to production
    • Introduction of SCS 1000 industrial scale spatial ALD tool for large substrates
    • First demos of in-glass laminated transparent TASEL displays

      2014 Service business growth 

      • New Coating Services unit for developing new services and for growing the outsourced thin film coating business
      • Launch of nFOG wet coating technology
      • Collaboration agreement with DSM to address the AR coating markets with aerosol technology
      • Move of the Thin Film Equipment business unit under the same roof with the Display unit at the Home of ALD in Espoo, Finland

      2013 Expansion through coating equipment and new displays

      • Beneq Lumineq Displays launches transparent electroluminescent (TASEL) displays
      • Beneq opens subsidiary in Russia to enhance thin film capabilities
      • Expanding USA sales office to manage also EL Display sales and distribution
      • Merging of Planar EL sales office in Shanghai with the Beneq China office
      • China Sunergy choses Beneq as equipment provider for boosting solar cell efficiency
      • Beneq Thin Film Coating Services launched
      • Beneq and Mordovia State University open joint ALD laboratory
      • Beneq and LETI open ALD-dedicated research laboratory in St. Petersburg
      • Beneq wins Tekes’ Commercialization Breakthrough award for aerosol and ALD businesses

        2012 Growth through new products and an acquisition

        • Beneq acquires EL business from Planar Systems, Inc. (US) and launches the display brand Lumineq
        • Beneq delivers world’s first scaled-up roll-to-roll ALD system
        • Beneq joins EU project to develop roll-to-roll solar panels
        • RUSNANO joins the company as investor
        • Beneq wins Internationalization Award of the President of Finland

          2011 Increased presence in industrial applications

          • Continued growth on all continents in all targeted applications fields
          • Beneq announced a winner of Red Herring's Top 100 Europe prize
          • Launch of high-volume production equipment for c-Si and thin film solar cells
          • Launch of roll-to-roll ALD product platform, first applications in moisture barriers

          2010  International growth, new applications

          • Continued growth on all continents in all targeted applications fields
          • Beneq receives Nanotech Finland Award for best business potential
          • Beneq named one of most promising high-growth technology companies by Nordic Tech Tour
          • Establishment of Beneq, Inc. (USA)

            2009  Continued growth through industrial applications

            • nAERO and ALD deliveries to solar and flexible electronics areas
            • Introduction of new industrial applications with extended focus on renewable energy and cleantech sector
            • Beneq listed as one of 50 most promising Cleantech Companies in the Nordic market by the Cleantech Group, LLC and Cleantech Scandinavia, the leading Nordic network of investors in cleantech
            • Turnover  7.5 M€
            • Employees  48

            2008  Industrial breakthroughs, focus on the cleantech sector

            • nAERO® development for photovoltaic and glass industries
            • Industrial ALD deliveries, breakthrough in solar industry with world record-size ALD equipment
            • Expansion of sales agent network to over 15 regions
            • Voted “Best Growth Company in Finland” (in a competition organized by Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest daily paper in Finland)
            • Turnover  4.4 M€
            • Employees  39

            2007  Early growth stage, ALD acquisition

            • Beneq acquires ALD business from Planar Systems Oy
            • Via Venture Partners (DK) joins the company as investor
            • Partnership agreements for industrialization of nHALO in glass industry
            • Sales offices established in Germany, USA and China
            • Turnover  2.0 M€
            • Employees  29

            2006  Past the seed stage, venture funding and aerosol business

            • Beneq acquires nHALO® business from ABR Innova Oy (FI)
            • Inventure Oy (FI) makes first investment into company
            • Turnover  1.3 M€
            • Employees  19

                  2005  Establishment of the company, ALD equipment sales

                  • Beneq is established by the founders as a spin-off from Nextrom Oy (FI)
                  • Deliveries of first equipment (ALD) begin
                  • Turnover  0.6 M€
                  • Employees  12    

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