ALD offers efficiency imnprovement and protection in photovoltaics.


Atomic layer deposition offers efficiency improvements and protection in many areas of photovoltaics.

ALD is ideal for surface passivation of solar cells. Beneq batch ALD equipment  P800 and TFS NX300, which have been developed with and for the PV industry, are designed for industrial surface passivation (Al2O3) treatment of c-Si solar cell wafers.

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) can also be used to improve the efficiency of CIGS solar cells by more than 1 percentage point. This is achieved by depositing a dense and conformal zinc oxysulfide Zn(O,S) buffer layer.

Beneq’s nFOG aerosol thin film technology also offers benefits in photovoltaics. It has been successfully used for producing anti-reflective coatings for solar cells.

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